Sunday, February 24, 2013

On the Red Carpet

When Charlize Theron, appeared on the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet, I knew it was over for everyone else.  She is everything in a simple white peplum gown (Christian Dior Couture) with simple jewelry and pixie haircut.
Image Cred - Fab Sugar Australia
And then Halle Berry showed up and shut it down in Versace.  The Style Shepherd's Best Dressed is the ultimate Bond Girl, Halle Berry.
Image Cred - Global Grind

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Ultimate Yellow Brick is Gold!


I couldn't help but think of that line from The Wiz when I came across this gorgeous pic of Danielle Allen (stylist).  This is the way to do gold knit and gold studs.

"The ultimate yellow brick is gold! That's the new color children! Hit it!"
Image cred - Danielle Allen
... and just for fun! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loving Hugs

Just read this in O, The Oprah Magazine.....

"If your kids' rooms are filled with practically new stuffed animals, consider donating them to Loving Hugs, which offers children in war zones, refugee camps, and orphanages a cuddly new friend."

Our Baby has every toy under the sun, and he just won the cutest little dragon at University Pinball Family Fun Center.  A dragon that he LOVED for all of 20 minutes.  Everything happens for a reason, that little dragon is going to Loving Hugs!

Double check the shipping address at the Loving Hugs website.

In each box shipped, enclose the following:
1.)   A donation of $5.00 (or more) per box. Make check payable to: Loving Hugs, Inc.
2.)   A note with your name and email address IF you wish to receive a donation receipt for tax purposes/delivery confirmation.  Donation Receipts for tax purposes/acknowledgement of receipt of your donation will be provided ONLY IF a note is included inside the box. 

Ship-To Here if Shipping via Regular Mail (Parcel Post). Please send your Parcel Post shipments and your donation checks/letters here only:
Loving Hugs, Inc.
PO Box 270612

Littleton, CO  80127-0612
Ship-To Here ONLY if shipping Via UPS, FedEx, or truck lines (Please do NOT send mail or Parcel Post boxes to this address:            
Loving Hugs, Inc.

6905 S. Broadway, #55

Littleton, CO  80122

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Toile" has a good day at de la Renta

Big toile at Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 Ready to Wear .....

These silhouettes could look a little ho hum, but the large toile print takes it to a cool modern hip place... makes it artsy, and sort of for the fashion girl "in the know".  Right?

Side note: Styled with the huge Tudor inspired necklaces and sheer gloves makes me swoon. 
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IVANAhelsinki's coat of many colors

Oh this reminds me of going to elementary school on a brisk October day in a felt or wool school girl coat (**whispering** in the seventies).   I LOVE! ....probably would cinch that waist with a belt for my shape, but otherwise I'm so in to IVANAhelsinki Fall 2013

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