Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stay With Me Baby!

Just had a long conversation with a very fashionable friend (who wants to remain nameless... why? I don't know. *shrug*) about what makes a Fashion Icon. I say, it's anyone you can recognize by their silhouette or seeing their clothes hanging in the closet.  I would know, Diana Ross's clothes... I would know Karl Lagerfeld's clothes... I would know Betsy Johnson's silhouette .... wouldn't you know Isabella Blow's collection of chapeaus? 

...... anyway, we went on and on about who is recognizable and who isn't?  I say Janis Joplin's closet and silhouette are recognizable, my friend says not so much,..... that she is a music icon.. and her closet could belong to any flower child.  WHATEVAH!  LOL

Speaking of the great Janis Joplin, I haven't heard this cover of Lorraine Ellison's 'Stay With Me Baby' in forever. 
LOVE this version!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Philadelphia Designer's Market!

If you haven't "Liked" Philadelphia Designer's Market on Facebook or subscribed to their newsletter, you should do so ASAP.

You know I love all the big designers, but I REALLY love an Indie-Designer! So when I saw this invite.... I typed it into my calendar immediately and have been looking forward to it for weeks! ......should have posted a reminder for everyone else on the 17th... I promise, I'll make sure I post their Spring Market dates.

So... I was really in the mood for fashion, the night before I attended John Wind/Maximal Art's 25th Anniversary Bash at The Palm
Best Dressed
Ilene Griff (Graphic Designer) 
in Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney, John Wind Signature Necklace
Dina Wind (Artist, and Mother of John Wind)
in two classic John Wind Double brooch

 ..... after a whirlwind night of every neck, ear, and wrist being adorned with a John Wind bauble, I was prepped for more fashion and couldn't wait to see what the Philadelphia's Designer's Market had to offer.  And I wasn't disappointed ... I could hear the bustling shoppers and oohs and ahhs way before I started walking on the Market's yellow carpet (which was held at the Beautiful First Babtist Church on 17th Street.... took a moment to meditate inside the actual chapel... I highly recommend meditation, and I highly recommend a look at the beautiful architecture and history of the Church.

So... let's dive in!  There was an amazing energy inside the Market space.  Everyone was reaching and grabbing and trying things on.... and primping in mirrors... my kind of party.  Here are a few of my faves....

Designer, Kelly Louise succeeds in designing jewelry that allows the wearer to become one with the elements.  She wants to show the balance and connection between all things. 
...Fell in love with her pocketwatches! 

Ohhhh and I ran into one of my new favorite designers Sultana Maria (met her at Eat your Art Out).  
Sultana Maria Jewelry makes the kind of jewelry that I'm so attracted to.... found objects, abstract, asymmetrical... Rocker Glam!  I bought a great pair of coin earrings... $20!
I Heart New Jersey

 Nesha Griffin is self taught and has a line called My Rever Jewelry Collection (site under construction) her inspiration is nature.... You can see more of Nesha's work, on An Dukes blog.  Bought a beautiful silver multi-chain necklace.... $35!  Yes! I bet you'll be shopping the Spring Philadelphia Designer's Market. *Wink*
Pic from An Dukes fabulous Blog

Special for the Style Shepherd followers:
Of course I bought something for you! My Rever Jewelry had a great pair of silver plated and brass earrings (3.5" Long 1" at its widest) that I think scream Style Shepherd.  Very simple rules, you must be a follower of The Style Shepherd, and follow Philadelphia Designer's Market on facebook.  Easy! Not so fast... you must also leave a link to your favorite indie designer. Good Luck!  You may comment as many times as you like but your comment must be made by December 26th 11:59 PM EST.  The winner will be chosen by and announced on Monday December 27th.