Monday, July 16, 2012

Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley

I bypassed the evening news and this morning's news broadcast... what I guessed to have been as horrific to watch as the night before and the morning before that.  Not that I need all my news to be bright and cheery, but even with the car accidents, heat deaths, and political firing squads, wasn't there something more than the suburban senior center's arts festival on the good news list? Just sayin'. To be honest, I'm sort of a NPR, CNN News Junkie, but my new role as Mother (to a wonderful little baby boy), makes me break out in hives at the caption 'BREAKING NEWS'.  Some days not knowing exactly how high the murder rate is for my city, and that my favorite charity is going down for embezzlement is just the respite I need.
Watched Newsroom on HBO though....
the ONLY thing I'll make time to watch at its scheduled broadcast.

 You know what puts me right into a good no-bad-news-day spirit?  Googling -- Images for Kehinde Wiley.  Just scrolling through... one after  another, clicking on my favorites, sitting still, face in palm, wondering at  the true to life quality of each portrait, seeing a little something missed on my last Kehinde meditation.  *smile*  That's what I call these little breaks... Kehinde Meditations. 

Each individual portrait, and the universal face in each portrait, reminds me of........

...........being in the theater with my Father, watching my brother(s) stroll through the park, a lover's wink, my uncle's concentrated game "of pinochle" face...... bring on the calm.  In Kehinde Wiley's work I see the faces of my protectors, providers and most recently my beautiful son. 
Thank you Mr. Wiley

Whew!!!  The weather has been crazy in Philadelphia... scorching hot! Which means, there's a power outage every other hour. *shrug* Whaddaya gonna do?  Makes me really grateful for the convenience of electricity... fans, AC... computers!!!  Anyway, because of these rolling brown outs I was unable to post last week's giveaway winner!  Congratulations Sarah! Please email me your shipping address.

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