Friday, January 18, 2013

The Carrie Diaries

I'm a huge Sex and the City fan.  Huge fan! And as much as I'm not interested in lovesick teenage coming of age stories, I'm a woman of a certain age after all..... I was really looking forward to The Carrie Diaries. Thrilled that it starts off in 1984 (coincidentally, right around the time I was starting high school), but... it's not written for my demographic.  I'll still be watching though... how much fun is Eric Daman having styling 80's perfection?!  And how much fun must it be to put a soundtrack to this show?  

Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just want to have fun' is going to be stuck in my head for a week.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Where'd you get those peepers....

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Yes, after many many many years of doing the 'I really need glasses squint', I've made an appointment to see an Optometrist.  Now, I just need to keep the appointment (Something always makes you reschedule. Can I get an Amen from the Mom Choir?!).

Oh to be able to see every little Cheerio that hasn't been swept up from breakfast and all my little artist's scribbles on the wall once I get the proper lenses. Ha!  I'm sure there will be moments when I'll pine for the days it was all a blur.

You know me though, always looking for the silver lining. It is an accessory and an opportunity to shop!  So... who do I want to emulate?  Remember how unbelievably chic Lena Horne looked in those Gap ads?

 Or how about take that feminine shape to extremes and do some cat eye glasses, a la Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire!  Those would be fun!
In any case, I need to start shopping for the glasses now, the appointment is in late February, so I want to have a good grip on what fits my face before I buy glasses

Of course I'll start with a little online shopping. Eyeglasses online.... SMH... I marvel at what's available at the click of a mouse.  We live in a marvelous age Style Shepherd followers, a marvelous age.  

So.... lets get to it.  What eyeglasses fit my style? Go from playgroup to cocktails?  I may need more than one pair. *smile* Any ol'reason to shop. 

I really like this Spy Buddy Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses... they may be a little hipster for cocktails, but for playgroup and running off to the museum, I think they'll work. 

... Oh and these iSee in pink are young, sassy Mom-around town..... hmmm maybe to young for me, but I do like a punch of color, and a durable plastic frame. 

Uh oh, look what I found on a whole section of Cat Eye glasses!  I think these are my favorite, Muse Lola Black. A stronger version of the Lena Horne style, they're giving off a serious Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman vibe.  Meow! 

I would love to hear which ones are your favorite.  And if you too are in the market for a fabulous pair of glasses, browse through Besides their high quality frames and lenses, they offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. Additionally, you can stay up-to-date on all GlassesUSA happenings through their Facebook page ( and their Twitter feed (@GlassesUSA).

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Use this Virtual Try It Mirror to check out what eyeglass style works for you. I've been trying on glasses all afternoon. 

The McQueen Bee

Fashion Friday Pic of the Week
Spring RTW 2013
Image from
Tim Blanks "—she has, after all, proved herself the McQueen Bee with a spectacular string of buzzy fashion coups. Instead, think about a honey-based color palette, plus the patterning possibilities of comb, plus the frisson of the bee sting, plus the salient fact that Burton is an expectant mother."

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Still in the holiday spirit....

After a really creative meeting today, I passed by this gorgeous little holiday oasis on 2nd and League Street (Phila)..... had to share.