Tuesday, February 22, 2011


IVANAhelsinki is a Finnish art brand. It represents a completely new Northern style called "Fennofolk". It brings delicately together Slavic melancholity and pure Scandinavian moods with white arctic summer nights and endless winter sadness. IVANAhelsinki is about combining art, fashion and design.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worst Quote of Fashion Week!

Kelly Cutrone- Peoples Revolution
 Are you following Peoples Revolution, the public relations machine on twitter? Love their tweets!

peoplesrev 7:05am via ƜberTwitter 
Worst Quote of Fashion Week: Photog says after finale - "Let's do a group shot, all the short models get in front!" 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ralph Rucci!

Hi Everyone!
Look what I found on Scene B Scene!

Dream to Seam Ralph Rucci

from Scene B. Scene ~
This is the premier episode of modaCYCLE's video series, Dream to Seam. This series features extended interviews with only the top designers, the first of which to be featured is American designer Ralph Rucci. Rucci is described to be one of the greatest designers to originate from America, being the first American ever invited to show under his own name during the Haute Couture week in Paris. The only addition has been the Japanese name, Chado (meaning traditional tea ceremony) completing the renown label name, Chado Ralph Rucci.

I'll be tuning in to Dream to Seam!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Allison Heyden

I met designer Allison Heyden at the Sally Congdon-Martin Book Signing  last year.  And with daily weather reports of snow, freezing rain and dangerously low temperatures, I've been hanging out at the Allison Heyden website for the comforts of Spring. Her designs, take 'sun dressing' to a whole other level... sweetness and an innocence, while still incorporating a sophisticated color palette and silhouette.  Fabulous!

This is my favorite Allison Heyden look!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Easy Chic: A Jumpsuit!

Lobo Mau
Lobo Mau's Black Cascading Jumpsuit is a little slice of fabulousness... .

I'd love to see this jumpsuit's leg and a short flat boot, sticking out of a black cotton trench, cinched tight.

... or with a really conservative blazer and a cluster of six or seven interesting pins... Hmmm, maybe I would like a stack of mixed metal bracelets instead. 

Love it as styled too, a really high heel and statement necklace ...for cocktails with the girls!

Easy Chic!