Saturday, January 30, 2010


Congratulations Aik!

You are this week's Style Shepherd Winner! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Lucky Magazine Picks... February 2010

Who doesn't love the Yes and Maybe stickers in Lucky Magazine? If only every Magazine supplied them,.... I end up using the Lucky stickers in Vogue, In Style, Marie Claire, ... in my journal, ... in my planner, LOL. Love the stickers!!

Amanda Seyfried is on the cover... (a very Seventeen Magazine classic cover) .... I have to admit, her face was very familiar, but I didn't know her name... I do now! ... and I learned that when her last movie ended she bought everyone personalized leather journals, .... nice!

You know what's more fun than the stickers?
The Lucky Mag Giveaways! I'm going to try to win these diamond studs.

... and on the web pages. Design your own totes, pillows and fantastic rugs, at Jonathan Adler! Fantastic, but way to many choices for me. I couldn't figure out whether I wanted a bear rug or a fabulous set of personalized pillows. I'll visit again, when I've had time to wrap my brain around all the choices.

Lovely, these Tambourine rings are by Patricia Madeja, and sold at
Artful Home. ... also take a look at the architectural pearl earrings by Kathleen Lamberti, also sold on Artful Home and mentioned in a previous
Style Shepherd post.

I'm sending these Magnapods to all my girlfriends. This is one of those things that when you see it, you immediately realize how much you need it, and you didn't even know it existed. .... and... wait for it... they're only $10! These little clear boxes are magnetized and stick to the inside of your medicine cabinet! Amazing, why didn't I think of that?

Thank you Lucky... Can't wait to get my March issue!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday, I love.....

I just started following a blog called An Audible Pause, and I love it! The author, Carrie, really inspired me to do a little more writing, .... it won't be the next classic American novel, but at least my journal pages will be filled. .... I'm going to steal an idea/title from Carrie, and chat about the bloggers that I love.

This Wednesday, I love... the aforementioned An Audible Pause of course.... Anthropologie Addict whose alternating 'outfit of the day' and lovely fashion picks, keep me anxiously anticipating every new post. The author Natalie, is a woman whose sophisticated taste belie her young years.

My favorite Anthropologie Addict 'outfit of the day'.

I just need to snag that beautiful cloche to copy it, ...and I've learned from the blog comments that the cloche is from Hat's by Wanda on Etsy... so very soon I'll have this look kit and kaboodle.

...... last but not least is Jewelry Whore, who will introduce you to some REALLY fantastic designers. Look at this fantastic ring by Alidra Alic's dreamy collection, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Have you ever seen anything so wonderful? ...puts a smile on my face like a Cheshire Cat.




The Valerie Barbie Blog
is hosting their first giveaway a fabulous pair of John Wind Maximal Art earrings!

Rhonda M. Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Follow my blog with blog lovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

..... with a Pearl Earring

I've always loved pearls.... glass pearls, freshwater pearls, round, teardrops, pink, simple strands, intricate clusters, you name it,... I love a pearl!

This week I was so inspired by Kate Hudson sauntering down the red carpet in a pair of diamond and pearl Stephen Russell earrings.

The only time I've seen a pearl styled better is in Johannes Vermeer's painting.... Oh mercy I want a new pair of pearl earrings!
..... So let's go shopping!

... I think I found the day version of the Kate Hudson earrings! ... and the $32 price makes me swoon. Thank you Kouting Jewelry. BUY

These Garden Window Pearl Drops by Lili Swan are fantastic! They are sooo romantic, perfect for an eyelet dress ... a ruffled collar, and the finish on the metal gives them enough edge to be paired with a leather jacket and tee. Love them at $18! BUY

 gives us pearl earrings straight out of the South Seas, they are a little pricier at $4,000 but whats a few thousand when your Great great great grand daughter, will happily remember your name when she wears them. Never forget, that today's fashion can be tomorrows heirloom.

Simple, classic, ..... forever chic.
David Yurman's white freshwater pearl, diamond & sterling silver earrings
$295 at Saks.

Ohhhh Chile, now this is drama!
18k Yellow Gold White South Sea Pearl Diamond Palm Clip On Earrings. I would have to get these converted to post, no way could I trust my thick hair and awkwardness to clips!
$4,069 on Portero Luxury.


I just couldn't end this blog without sharing these fabulous finds as well...

Pearl Scarf from Electric Lollipop $119.20

Lariat white pearl coin necklace from Lizix 26 $18.50

24K Mabe Pearl Ring from Yossi Harari
$3,135 at Neiman Marcus.

Pearl and red leather tassel earrings from Artful Home. $280

Special for the Style Shepherd Flock:

This week's giveaway is a gorgeous pair of costume pearl teardrop earrings from Maximal Art. Here are the rules, you must be a follower, you must leave a comment with a link to your favorite jewelry designer or a link to your blog. The drawing ( will take place on January 30th at 12PM EST.

Rhonda Ryan
PR Maximal Art
Favorite web goodies .....
Love Style Writer!
Love this Blog! Love shopping 1,000 Markets!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

James R. Ryan August 1950 - January 2010

One of my Dad's favorite songs is Could you Believe, by Al Jarreau, and part of the chorus goes .....

Could you believe in a dream, when I tell you that it's true? Could you believe, precious friend of mine?

I believe in your dream Dad, I believe you, when you tell me that it's true, ... my precious friend. I love you Dad.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Envelope Please....

..... And the winner is ...... Kym! Congratulations Kym, you have won the Style Shepherd Prize this week.

I love beauty, it's not my fault. ~ Valentino Garavani

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

Mmmmmmmm..... Chocolate!
Chocolate Pink Cafe offers delicious cookies, yummy cupcakes, hand painted gourmet chocolates and colorful chocolate-covered sunflower seeds, pistachios, and almonds.... just a few of the tasty treats you will find in this very pink online store.

The Pink Chalet January Facebook Giveaway: Mainstreet Flower Wine Glass and Leather Pink Croc Frame. To enter to win just leave a comment on the picture at The Pink Chalet fan page. The Pink Chalet will draw the winner at the end of the month. I want that Pink Croc frame! It doesn't match anything in my home.... but... it's sooo cute.

Nothing comes close to getting a pair of shoes delivered every month... and at $39.95!
Shoe Dazzle

My Shopping Connection! That's where I discovered, La Bottega di Medusa and this beautiful collar. $48.40 Buy

This belted pleated bubble dress is under $45 at Akira, a fabulous online store, whose reasonable prices are amazing! I found them through Lucky Magazine's Guest Blogger Lilliana Vazquez. Check out her blog Cheap Chicas for more unbelievable fashion and shopping tips.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Natalie Sharar

I Looooove to spread the news about a wonderful artist. Ladies and Gentlemen, ... Natalie Sharar.

I met Natalie through her very popular blog Anthropologie Addict, .... she is quite the stylista, .... there are not many people that I would trust to dress me from head to toe, but if Natalie ever becomes a stylist, I will become a faithful customer. .... Not sure how likely that is to happen, Natalie's art may take her into another direction.

This painting is one of my very very favorites.... love the eyes.

Natalie began to paint when she was about four years old, she vividly remembers making up stories, flip books, and illustrating them for her Mother and having the best drawing of a bunny in third grade (smile). She really started to paint seriously in high school and is being classically trained in college at Riverside Community.

Like many artist her influences are wide and varied, but the artists who influence her the most are Michael Hussar, Odd Nerdrum, and Lucien Frued. When you check them out you'll see that they all, like Natalie, express themselves strongly through portraits and in oil.

If you are a long time follower of The Style Shepherd Blog, you already know that I'm very interested in the 'creative process', so of course I asked Natalie about her process:

"I set up my paint and my eyes and hands do the rest of the work for ipod helps too."

If only all of our inspiration came so simply ... it would change the world.

Follow and learn more about Natalie Sharar:

Buy Natalie Sharar's Art:


This week's giveaway is a brand new copy of the DVD 'Valentino, The Last Emperor'. To participate and win this week, you must be a follower of the Style Shepherd and leave a comment with a link to your favorite artist. That artist, may be a jewelry designer, a painter, sculptor, architect or writer... an artist of any kind.

As always, this giveaway is open to everyone, but be forewarned that this DVD is formatted to zone 1 (all of North America). DVD Region Code
Comments that will be entered in the drawing (by must be entered by Saturday January 9th, 2010 11:59 PM, EST, and the winner will be announced on Sunday January 10, 2010.

And the winner is.....

Candice is this week's winner!

The designer she shared with us is Hot Mama Designs.

Hot Mama Designs makes very modern personlized jewelry, like these fantastic cuff links..... a perfect gift for Dad.

Thank you to Everyone who participated, stay tuned for the next giveaway.