Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stay With Me Baby!

Just had a long conversation with a very fashionable friend (who wants to remain nameless... why? I don't know. *shrug*) about what makes a Fashion Icon. I say, it's anyone you can recognize by their silhouette or seeing their clothes hanging in the closet.  I would know, Diana Ross's clothes... I would know Karl Lagerfeld's clothes... I would know Betsy Johnson's silhouette .... wouldn't you know Isabella Blow's collection of chapeaus? 

...... anyway, we went on and on about who is recognizable and who isn't?  I say Janis Joplin's closet and silhouette are recognizable, my friend says not so much,..... that she is a music icon.. and her closet could belong to any flower child.  WHATEVAH!  LOL

Speaking of the great Janis Joplin, I haven't heard this cover of Lorraine Ellison's 'Stay With Me Baby' in forever. 
LOVE this version!


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