Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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I've had some mint tea, and cuddled up on the couch to watch the sun go down and watch the downtown Philadelphia lights began their nightly twinkle.  I'm feeling fortunate to have experienced Valentino: The Last Emperor.

By the end of this movie there were more than a few tears shed and tissues destroyed.... Ooooh the drama. Giggle. I'm laughing now at how caught up I can become in a movie... but I hold fast to the true emotion this movie stirred. I understand all to well how much of your whole being we (creative types) put into our work.

Andre Leon Talley put it best when describing Emperor Valentino's last runway masterpiece:
Every dress, every girl, every moment of a feather or a ruffle, but there's so much restraint and exuberance... that pink thing that looked like.. it's just another break through moment here... triumph of the will... triumph of the will... the will to continue to be.
The artist, becomes immortal in his work, 'the will to continue to be'.  The gift of everlasting life is in our creativity. 


Monday, December 28, 2009

Style Shepherd Musings

All my facebookees The Pink Chalet sells the most beautiful girlie accessories and doodads. Their fan page has a Great Giveaway!

December Facebook Give Away: Vera Bradley Hold That Thought Journal in Hope Garden, Binder Clips and a Card Holder in Hope Garden. To enter, just leave a comment under the picture. They will draw a winner at the end of the month! Good luck to everyone!!
Add a comment to enter The Pink Chalet contest.
**But hurry... their drawing is at the end of the month, it's already December 30th!**

Hannah! Thank you sooo much, I am drooling over these earrings. Macha Jewelry

Daya! How fantastic is Marzio Fiorini? I want everyone to check them out, I couldn't choose one picture. FAB!

Thank you Kym! Love The Mama Bird Necklace.... sTuckintheCoop's Etsy shop is really cool.

Amber, you obviously know how much I love a cluster of chains... window shopping on the K-Amato site, is my new favorite pastime.

Thank you, Audrey... where would any of us bloggers be without your wonderful giveaways! Let's be honest, most of us start our day there, it's a wonderful way to start the morning.
Thanks to Audrey's Giveaways, I'm going to get a free tea sample on my Birthday! Yay!

When I grow up, I want my blog to be this cool.... Love Joy Junket! ...especially their profile of a creative genius like John Wind.

Love what I learn from The Style Shepherd followers, and these four blogs are so inspiring.

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mad About Mixing it......

Happy New Year!

2009 was the year of the alchemist.... mixing bronze, silver, copper, gold,... antiqued, asymmetrical, in knots, in braids, and even mixed with pearls. Those who excited us enough to open our discerning wallets in these recessionary times, are the mixologist. They've concocted jewelry that will one day be passed on to our Granddaughters (and Grandsons), and with a flippant, 'at the end of the decade we were all mad about mixing it' we will wrap their necks, wrists and fingers in silvers and golds.
Oscar de la Renta Mixed Metal Flower Bib Necklace $1,190 BUY

The Million Strand Bib Necklace $58 BUY
This is a great necklace! So easy to get a lot of wear out of this one, .... tucked under a crisp blazer, with your favorite LBD, or with a simple white tee.

Twisted Silver, was brought to my attention by Anne, last week's winner. Very tough girl fashionista chic. Soooo beautiful! ... and again, another very versatile piece.

Attitude Bracelet $60 BUY

It can be hard to find your footing when mixing metals, especially when the occasion is not conducive to a fashion girls creativity. These are Good Rules for Mixing Gold and Silver from the You Look Fab Blog's Ask Angie.

Special for the Style Shepherd flock:

You must be a follower of Style Shepherd, post a comment and a link to your favorite jewelry designer, and I will randomly pick (put all the names in a hat, close my eyes, and dig in) one of you to win this wonderful mixed metal necklace from HLO Creations. You have until Saturday January 2nd, 11:59 pm to participate. The winner will be chosen on Sunday morning. Best of luck!

Ingredients: hammered sterling silver round pendant, hammered copper links, antiqued copper chain, jump rings and lobster clasp.

This necklace is 18" long (can be shortened if needed) and the pendant hangs just 1" from the middle of the chain.

Increase your chances by commenting more than once!

You can also find Style Shepherd contest on

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Locket Love

I love the mystery of a locket.
What's inside, a picture of your sweet little niece, or the love of your life?

A Brief History of Lockets - History

Of course the first locket most of us remember is the tiny little heart or oval locket we all received as a birthday gift, sometime between first and fifth grade.... and they still make these sweet little baubles, still time to order one before Xmas.

And then you grow up... Two Toned Diamond Locket. Buy $3,200

Love diamonds! ... But really, most days I'm trying to work a cool urban downtown look.

These are some of my favorites.....

Asymmetrical Cloisonne Necklace. Buy $49

This Chloe Locket is so me... I love the dainty flowers, paired with the rough finish on the chain... and it's only $25 Buy

Channel Marilyn, with this lovely modern locket from Urban Rose $8. Buy

Love these little recycled magnetic lockets. Perfect for tooling around town on a Saturday morning, in your 'casuals'.
Lucky Buddha Lockets $18. Buy

Special for the Style Shepherd flock:

You must be a follower of Style Shepherd, post a comment and a link to your favorite jewelry designer, and I will randomly pick (put all the names in a hat, close my eyes, and dig in) one of you to win this wonderful John Wind / Maximal Art vintage inspired bracelet.... pretty enough to use as an ornament ($85). Good luck! Drawing is on December26th! Buy more jewelry like this:

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Monday, December 14, 2009

All I want to give for Christmas....

Roped Posies Necklace $38. Buy

Terry Dixon Limited Edition Print - The Conversation $175. Buy

Alexus Platform Chelsea Boot. £80.00 Buy

Rosenthal Studio Fast Vase $160. Buy

Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills $28. Buy

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Enough sparkle for the holiday revelers, and Martin Margiela for the fashion wise... take notes, THIS is a holiday window.

The John Wind trunk show at Joan Shepp, reaffirmed my decision to crown him, 'King of the Statement Necklaces'... he did not disappoint. After careful review .... this is my favorite! When I tried it on, I began to hum that song from The Wiz -

"I want to be seen green
Wouldn't be caught dead, red
'Cause if you are seen green
It means you got mean bread."

Mmmm hmmm, my brand of feeling fabulous is always accompanied by a soundtrack. What can I say?

The shop within a shop surprise, is the Y-3 section of Joan Shepp. Uh!May!Zing! You're going to love it... its on the upper level, and visible from the ground floor, ... let me paint you a picture. As you walk into the store, there's one fabulous designer after another, Comme Des Garcon,(she has Junya Watanabe puffy coats! ), Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Michael Kors, .... you name it! It's a cornucopia of luxe fabric, interesting design, and seriously mouth watering accessories .... basically, Eden. And (as long as we're in Eden) above you, a heavenly light illuminates... Y-3 Men and Women... Haaaaaallleeelujaaaaah!!! Up the stairs you go to be welcomed by the black and white minimalist fabulosity of Y-3. Yoko is the sales consultant, and can have you styled Y-3 current in a matter of minutes, ask for her.

Happy Shopping!

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cool Gifts!

I was never fit enough to survive the whole Black Friday expedition... but to all my girls and guys who passed their apocalypse preparedness course, and strapped on their survival kits for a day of hard core shopping, I salute you. Long live retail!

My holiday VIP listees, not only LOVE fashion, but really KNOW it.... so each year my challenge is to discover THE perfect gift. I know, I know, it's the thought that counts, the real spirit of Christmas is about giving.... I know! ....but my style cred, is under the microscope, when that wrapping paper comes off!

These are the first stops on my Christmas quest......

Jed Williams Art Studio, is open from 1-4pm, November 28th, at 615 Bainbridge St., (1st floor) Philadelphia. I really hope some of those 'Art is Cool' t-shirts are still available.

The John Wind / Maximal Art Trunk show is being hosted by Joan Shepp, 10 am - 6pm, November 28th, 1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Pick up a one of a kind bauble and.... meet the designer!

Vix Emporium is the best place to find something really cool. Just a warning, this place is so alluring, .... just looking from one cool thing to the next, you could end up spending a few hours... go when you have time.

My Shopping Connection is THE authority on the 'indie' gift... have fun browsing this shopping network, and bookmark it for upcoming birthdays too.

Happy Shopping!

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Monday, November 23, 2009

Desk Sides....

So..... on a business trip to NYC last Thursday for 'desk sides' (as they call it in the biz), I took lunch at Bar III, a very intimate, super cool, Mad Men-esque, bar/restaurant in Bergdorf's for Men.

Single ladies, looking for that special someone to put a ring on it? There was plenty of eye candy with swagger, strolling through Bergdorf's. Fortunately, I've already snagged a younger man (I'm not a cougar, ... not that there's anything wrong with that, ROAR if you got'em) who has a wicked sense of humor, so REALLY I was only thinking of YOU. ...just browsing through the catalog with no intentions to buy. ... OK before we get sidetracked....

The highlight of the day was the 'desk sides'. I heart fashion people! The magazine editors we met at the Hearst Tower and the Time Warner building were fantastic. As a matter of fact I crossed paths with Gayle King (Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine and Oprah's BFF).

Definition of Crossed Paths:

Me - screaming across the Mezzanine of the Hearst Tower
"Hi Gayle!"
Ms. King - a really friendly smile, and a full on wave back as if she really knew me. How sweet and generous was that?

Then John had to wait for me to text and twitter every person that I know, because its to dangerous for me to walk and twitter at the same time. Trust me on this. Crossing paths with Ms. King, had me standing straighter in my oxford inspired high heeled booties (on sale at for the rest of the afternoon.... fabulous to see Sistahs doin' it for themselves. Speaking of standing straighter, I still have a sore achilles but it didn't stop me from gettin' my strut on, I love a high heel!

*Side Bar - I learned on Body Beautiful by Allegra that wearing high heels shortens your achilles tendon, and when you're injured you should really wear flats..... Thank the fashion Gods that some really beautiful flats are available this season. I've got my eye on some gold jewel toned flats from Banana Republic... found them on

.... so I'll be standing 6'3" only when its absolutely necessary.

Before heading for home, John and I took a quick tour of Bergdorf's and Henri Bendel's where coincidentally we ran into one of his fabulous friends. Nima creates really beautiful home accessories, .... I bought a gorgeous silver crown ornament from her.

.... See, now that would have been enough, but then John treated me to an exhibit at the International Center of Photography, It was Uh! May! Zing! The exhibit is called Dress Codes. I was really moved by the artists Cindy Sherman, Pinar Yolacan, and Zhou Tao, ....I also added 'The Disco Files' by Vince Aletti to my Christmas List, the gift shop was filled to the brim with so many amazing books. I can't wait to see the next exhibit.

..... couldn't have asked for more!

I took a little hiatus from The Style Shepherd, but I've been so inspired by so many fantastic blogs that I had to start writing again. These are some of my favorites.,,,,..... I could go on and on. I'm also inspired by Faye Penn's writting for In Style Magazine. And that Erin Kaplan and Kelly Cutrone on The City, watching those two work always makes me want to work harder LOL ...a little peek at my Tuesday nights? The City and a cup of mint tea... mmm hmmm, the glamorous life, LOL.

'til next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Saturday, April 11, 2009


We all wore a badge last year, to laud our political candidates. Our new First Lady has raised the brooch wearing bar to modern heights...

A pin works for everyone from Rocker Chic, to Haute Couture. Clasp them in your hair, pin one to your collar, use them as belt buckles and button them to your shoes..... My favorite brooch is the Chanel Camellia Flower, the perfect corsage....

Speaking of Chanel, Karl Largerfeld waved his magic wand and showed us how to wear laser cut paper as a hair accessory!

And then walking past Macy's in Philadelphia... Paper Flowers! A trend?

With the unpredictable spring weather in the City of Brotherly Love, you may need to have something a little more substantial than paper.

Fortunately, I have the stamina to ravage every flea market, bazzaar and open market that I can get to, and that has put more than a few vintage pieces in my greedy little hands... these are the pins that I'll be exhausting this season.

Much as I love the ones that I have, there are quite a few brooches that I'd like to add to my collection -

I can wear this John Wind Skull and Cross Bones with a wife beater or a little black dress.

I'd like this Mathew Williamson to tuck in my hair, or to brighten up a canvas shopping tote.

Tiffany and Co..... Platinum, Kunzite, and Diamond Bow, ...... Exhale.

Capture the moment and fasten a brooch over your heart ......

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Erwin Blossfeld

Erwin Blossfeld!

It's a new day in friendship! Toiling away in obscurity is a thing of the past. Somewhere on Yahoo, facebook, WeRunPhilly, Twitter, Blogger, there is a fashionista group feverishly sending text, and sharing pics.

I met Erwin Blossfeld from NYC/Venezuela in a 'Fashion to Fashion' group on facebook. He has generously agreed to share his brilliance with us. Visit the world of Erwin Blossfeld at Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

JED M. Williams!

About three or four years ago I was really inspired by an exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art ....300 years of Art in Latin America.

Mexican Pentecost Icon

I designed a whole collection of jewelry filled to the gills with religious iconography.

I knew that the jewelry wasn't for a blushing flower...during my open house it was receiving mixed reviews, ..... translation: It wasn't an easy sell.
At some point I gave up telling people about my inspiration and began to just sell it on price and a cheery "these are my show specials".

This guy walks in, wearing a jacket that had a French Foreign Legion kind of feel to it and a really cool camera bag, so.... while I'm checking his gear out, he picked up one of the really religious pieces.... I went into my spiel, "These are Sterling silver, all of the proceeds from the Jasper collection will be donated to Manna ......."

And he cut me off and said something to the affect of ... 'this reminds me of Latin art, there was a recent exhibit at the Art Museum...........'.

God smacked! It was like overhearing someone say how much they like you. He hit my inspiration source square on the head. We had a short conversation about religion and art and exchanged cards. So.... the next week, I was sending thank you emails, calling vendors, trying to find new shows, stuff, and I came across Jed's card. I don't remember exactly what I wrote in the email but something like -

Most of the conversations I had at the open house were about size, color and material, and talking to you made me remember my inspiration... thanks for coming out and supporting the artist at the mills...

yadda yadda yadda.... three years later or is it four?....., we are the kind of friends that bounce ideas off of each other, promote each other's gigs, share info about health insurance and money souces, artistic opportunities, spiritual ideaologies.. movies, music... and when I decided to change the blog from only fashion and my own personal experiences to include cameos of my favorite artist, Jed was first on the list.

The Jed Williams experience begins at a small art studio tucked into one of our classic South Philly neighborhoods, with row houses and a bodega on the corner. The 29 bus roars by, and through a metal security door and under a very unassuming awning ... is a studio filled, ..... bursting at the seams.... with paintings. A painting of a woman leaning into her hip caught my eye and then I got distracted by this huge container of brushes and when I looked back at the painting it looked completely different.....

"Wait is that a bird?".
Jed just gives me a sly smile and says,"Is it?".

I spent two hours going through stacks of paintings and getting a little history on each one, He's a very serious artist, and so willing to try new things, there are paintings on vinyl records and a huge car bumper with little designs painted on it right there on the floor of his studio.... it's amazing. It all made me want to run home to my own pile of pearls, quartz, and metals.

The Style Shepherd: Being a big fan of your work, I know that Pop Culture and Eastern Spirituality inspire you ...... And designers and artist get this question all the time, and sometimes its and easy answer and sometimes you want to pull your hair out and just say 'I don't know' but..... here goes..... What is your inspiration? Your raison d'etre? Or ...explain your creative process.

Jed Williams: My inspiration.. well that is a tough one indeed. But let’s see..I think in the end you could narrow it down to a kind of mixture of two main thrusts, or themes:
One main thrust is comprised by the images I see and the things that interest me in my life outside of an artist—like Pop Culture, especially with regards to philosophy and the postmodern, ‘80s aesthetic (I love artists like Martin Kippenberger and Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Donald Baechler etc.) and Eastern Religion as you said, which is a very interesting and potentially helpful, holistic philosophy/feeling--and don’t forget the often-challenging yet intriguing mixture of danger, excitement, grit, trashiness and soul that goes along with living in Philadelphia--
The other part of the mixture as it were is more elemental: the simple, yet simultaneously infinitely complicated joy of finding ways to work on my paintings visually, making marks, experimenting with placement of color and line. This interacts with what goes on beneath the surface of my works, pointing a kind of a celebratory strand of thought and feeling as well.
However, I would not call my work experimental. There is a purpose to the images, but often the very purpose is only found in its revealing of itself through the process.
Then again, which came first, the picture or the painter?

TSS: I know that both or your parents are creative people, when did you know that you would also spend your life as an artist?

JW: Yes, my parents are both artists. My father is a poet/writer and my mother is a jeweler.
Obviously they and the artistic and intellectual people who hung out with them, have been very encouraging indeed, which I am grateful for.
There wasn’t really a specific moment in time that I decided I would spend my life as an artist however, although I do remember the day
I decided to go to art school, University of the Arts to be more precise.
The whole art thing was really more of a very gradual process, which intensified in my mid twenties.. It manifested itself most fully in the year after I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, that is the second and so far last art school I went to. It has a lot to do also with reacting to, and sometimes against, what some (especially art students and teachers) call “the real world”. Problems get set up and different energies come into play—these energies and challenges end up being compensated in a sense, or balanced out, by one’s studio practice—which is the central thing, or should be anyway.

TSS:I get one or two emails a week (which I love, inspires me to stay on the grind) about your new shows and where we can see your work. How difficult is it to get your work seen... or is it becoming easier and easier as you get more exposure?

JW: In a sense it is always somewhat difficult to get my work seen, but then again really it depends on the type of venue you’re talking about. It’s a little easier obviously to get into group shows than solo shows, and you know a lot of the places I show in right now are what you would call “alternative venues”.. Not always though. I have a two person show, in a gallery, coming up this summer, so stay tuned..
Anyway, little by little as a striving professional artist you get into a kind of circuit where you start to meet people who can introduce you to opportunities, but exposure.. that takes years and years of looking for opportunities, meeting people, and so on. But in a sense it does become easier to navigate that art world game of trying (I said “trying”!) to get into galleries, making connections,etc. because you get practice at it the more you do it.

(Fashion Question) - What would you say your style is?

JW:Well, it’s hard to generalize, because the way I dress is a bit “hybrid”-ish--but I would probably say casual, maybe slightly Euro-influenced elegance (I did grow up in Paris) mixed with a laid-back groove. Again, it depends on the day.

TSS: (Design Question) and who is your favorite designer (doesn't have to be Men's clothing, can be accessories, jewelry design, architecture, ..... whatever

JW: I don’t really know if I have any favorite designer per se, but two definite names that come to mind are those of Shepard Fairey, and Banksy. Perhaps you could call them “street-designers”.. I love their sense of humor, and anti-authoritarian streak--and Fairey’s cross-over influence especially I find very impressive (the Obey campaign, the Obama image and other things—I like how they sort of subvert the concepts of marketing and “image branding” as it were.)

* Shepard Fairey -
* Banksy -

TSS: Last book you read or favorite author

JW: “Factory Made-Warhol and the Sixties’

TSS: Music you're feeling right now –

JW: The Clash, Stereophonics, Bowie, the Weakerthans, Beck, some other stuff too

TSS: One thing you can't live without –


TSS: What do you have going on right now?

I have work up in several different places right now: first I have some abstract paintings up at a really cool place called Square Peg Artery and Salvage (located at 108 S. 20th St.-- between Sansom St. and Chestnut St. in Philadelphia), and also you can purchase prints of my work at Mew Gallery at 906 Christian St. near the Italian Market.

Also I have a line of more traditional still lifes up in two places: at a great gallery called Absolute Abstract, (located at 141 S. 13th St-- near the corner of 13th and Walnut St. in Philadelphia) until April 1st.
And at Home Source Daily Expo, a home improvement showroom located at 660 Allendale Road in King of Prussia, right outside of Philadelphia.

I'm also going to have artwork up for display and sale until April 17 at Blick Art Materials, a great art supply store located at 1330 Chestnut St. in Center City Philadelphia.

As I was leaving Jed's studio and trying to find words to express how I felt about his work, I said
"This is ..... This is ....."

And Jed finished my sentence "Where it's at! I got two turn tables and a microphone!"

Jed Williams, talent and swaggah.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards 2009

Imagine getting ready for an event, where millions of pictures will be taken of you, from every angle, instantly broadcast around the world (maybe there's a 7 second delay) and you'll have no say in which ones get published ......... Lot of pressure.

So.... how would I get ready? First thing I'd do is make an appointment with my stylist! Make sure I'm their only priority on Oscar Night. Hold on,.... I can be my own stylist!

'He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.'

Make an appointment with my stylist.

***.....Now there's a whole 'nother Kimono .... how do you pick a stylist in the first place? ....And then there's hair and make-up ........and jewelry....... and contracts written in blood.... *****.

I would look at a million gowns, and I'd take pictures inside and outside and look at it on film, in bright lights, under an umbrella..... from the front, the back, profiles... left and right.... and then I'd pray.

Miley Cyrus.... this is a young woman trying to break free of the cash cow Hannah Montana, hence the nearly nude pictures and the big girl gowns. She wants Hollywood Casting to see her in a different light. The dress is perfectly lovely.....remember the character Lena Lamont (Singin' in the Rain),..??.... poised and sophisticated, ......and then she speaks.... Yeah, that's how Miley affects me. I digress, the dress was insane with detail, and fit her perfectly.

Zuhaire Murad

And then there was a slightly older Princess, the Sex and the City Fashionista herself, SJP, wearing a very similar silhouette. Gorgeous!

These ladies showed off all kinds fabulosity. Taraji P. Henson (Roberto Cavalli/Fred Leighton) and...

Viola Davis in Reem Acra.... Fantastic! This is the way you do Hollywood Glamour! But.....I've seen this dress before..No?... I don't mean the obvious 'Marilyn' comparison, someone wore this at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala...????

Aha!! This is what I was thinking of, Naomi Watts at the Met in Thierry Mugler, different dress but still serving up old Hollywood Glamour.

OK, back to the Oscar's !

The straight off the runway girls were Heidi Klum (Roland Mouret), who surprised me, she looked very high fashion,

Tilda Swinton who always takes a risk and ends up looking like ....only moments ago she'd been ripped away from some edgy fashion shoot,

Amy Adams (Carolina Herrera) showed us real statement jewelry (Fred Leighton),

Diane Lane,..... to bad, the cameras didn't pick up all the detail in that beautiful dress ..... the color was wrong, speaking of cameras picking up detail, Marisa Tomei did a neutral gown by Versace,which showed every perfect origami fold

..... Kate Winslet (YSL) gets a nod for her fantastic hair, ... should have shared her hair team with the incomparable Meryl Streep, because other than the matronly do, she looked very fresh and modern... and Heath Ledgers Mother!... don't know who she was wearing but I loved it.

The Prom/Wedding Ladies

definition - Ladies who looked pretty but we've seen these dresses at proms
and weddings.

Queen Latifah and Natalie Portman... very pretty.... Yawn.

Looooooove Beyonce, Loooooove Sophia Loren, both of them are beautiful women but on this occasion, I only have two words for them.... Spaghetti Western.

When Brad and Angelina emerged from their Limo... I screamed! OMJ!!!! I've seen this act before...............

81st Academy Awards

77th Academy Awards

My Favorite moment of the Red Carpet - Tilda Swinton!!!
Mickey Rourke - "Jean Paul Gaultier did me a real solid"