Tuesday, October 16, 2012


You know those days when you wake up before the alarm, and you just watch the minutes tick by until you HAVE to get up?  Tuesday, October 2nd was one of those days.  And I had a thousand and one things to do, so it was also a day that I had to hit the ground in full stride... and make-up. But there was one shining light at the end of my work day, I was going to see Fractionable at Moore

Moore has an annual Jumpstart Fashion Show, and it's always the first show of each new school year.  So, that means their design students are given this assignment the first day of class! Imagine the pressure. Add to that a mathematical theme and we're well into the panic attack zone. 

The students were instructed to create a design based on the Golden Ratio, symbolized by the Greek letter "phi".  Mmm hmm... take a piece of muslin (Oh yeah, the other kicker is everything had to be made out of muslin) and create something that screams natural symmetry, screams influence of math on design.... Project Runway, ain't got nothin' on this challenge. 

The cutest little animation started the show (starring Donald Duck no less) to explain the Golden Ratio.  Thank God, I haven't thought about phi since .... high school (?). 

The audience still had smiles on their faces from the animation, when the first model stomped out.  Nice transition, from sweet Donald Duck to Pow Six foot Glamazon.  I've been to many many many fashion shows, and I expect to be wowed maybe twice at a student show, but this show, this show wowed me over and over again.  This is a really talented class of Juniors and Seniors.

Image credit - Moore College of Art

Image Credit - Moore College of Art

Image Credit - Moore College of Art

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