Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Friday, Look of the Week 9/14/12

So, Baby and I are on our daily morning jog
(The jogging stroller!  Fantastic invention!)
..... and we cross paths with a very chic young woman waiting on the trolley. 

I on the other hand am not so chic,
(tights, sneakers, baggy tee and hair pulled back into a crooked bun... *shrug*  Some days are like that... )

....... but for the sake of my readers/and fashion... I introduce myself, and ask if I can take her picture for my blog.  Of course the trolley shows up at that moment, and I never get her name, but maybe she'll comment and let us know. scarf with a little sparkle, I REALLY liked the sparkle.... gave it a little edge, surprisingly.... very high black classic lady like pumps, cotton pant, cuffed just so, and a bright blazer.  Dying for a blazer in a hot autumn color. 

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