Monday, June 25, 2012

Crumbled Thoughts

Photog Cred - D'Lessio R. Elmo Scott
A modern twist on 'Back N the Day' cool! 

Photog Cred - William H Photography
What's that old saying? 'If you wore it the first time around, you can't wear it on the second go round'.... ?? Something like that. Not true with Crumbled Thoughts.  Of course the styling plays a major role in how a forever young 40 something, 30 year old hipster, and generation Y don this look.  But I'm here to testify.... completely wearable!  For everyone! 
  Love the early 90s?...... De La Soul, Poor Righteous Teachers, KRS-One.... when everyone had a monologue prepared for the weekend poetry slam... you will be completely into this line.

Photog Cred - D'Lessio R. Elmo Scott
And even if you don't remember the early 90s that way, if you get that vibe... that funky neo hip hop soul consciousness... it breathes again, through fresh young lungs with the designers at Crumbled Thoughts & Co.
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  1. OH I LOVE IT! Now i have "rock this funky joint" by poor righteous teachers stuck in my head and "black cop" by krs-one *fist bump*