Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moore College of Art 2012 Fashion Show

As promised...

As soon as my pictures get organized,
I'll be sharing my thoughts/notes
 on Moore's Senior Fashion Show. 

Paul Loftland Photography
Deorah Artazo' FML Dress - a young look I would have died for 10 years younger.  Love, love, love!  Perfect designer for a magazine editorial like V Magazine or Paper.

Paul Loftland Photography
A Perfect mix of prints and pops of color.... So Sophisticated and sooooo flirty! My wardrobe is in desperate need of everything sent down the runway by Jennifer Lackovic.

Paul Loftland Photography
Kathleen Yamaguchi's  light show!  I don't mean light as in light as a feather, the lights dimmed and Katie's models lit up!! Normally I would say, gimmicky, but this was so wearable and theatrical, perfect for a starlet lighting up her favorite night club. 

Stay tuned for more.....

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