Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nadine Willis

When my little bumpkins goes down for his afternoon nap, the first thing I do is meditate for ten minutes and then I pin like crazy for 20 minutes.....and ahhhhh I feel like myself again (less frazzled).  While pinning I came acrooss Teri Rees Wang's pinboard Modern Madonna and Child, and I froze... look at Nadine Willis! I remember these ads (Gucci 2003)! And that's the Mother I envisioned I'd be. Chic, pulled together, and a size 8! Well, now I have a concrete image I can hearken back to when I'm debating about going out for a run, or having another slice of anything made by Entenmann's.

  ** So much easier to get it all done in yoga pants and a tee though***

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