Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zelda Kaplan

Eating breakfast in front of the computer (dangerous... spills can ruin your keyboard) and this tweet stopped me mid chew: 

thefashionbomb 8:33am The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Socialite Zelda Kaplan Dies During A Fashion Show, Kim Kardashian Covers This... 

 Whaaaaaat? I sat next to her at the IVANAhelsinki show in 2010... it was like sitting next to a really cool and really famous girlfriend.  She posed for a barrage of photographers, and as soon as the last photographer snapped his picture she turned to me, put out her hand and said, "Hi. Zelda. What's your name...." and then proceeded to introduce me to everyone around us and everyone who stopped by.... "This is Rhonda Ryan, she's a fashion writer, what's the name of your blog again?"  I must have said The Style Shepherd 20 times.  How generous was that? 
 RIP Zelda Kaplan 

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