Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kelly Wearstler


Just moved into an apartment in a big old West Philadelphia house. So..... I've been reading every interior design/retail home catalog that I can get my hands on and every spare moment spent watching HGTV.

How to mix my very "modern/abstract with a little vintage"  style with my Honey's style (?) and be baby user friendly.  That's my problem.  

His style? "Does it all match (MATCHING FURNITURE SETS!!!!! Can you imagine?), is it comfortable and fit in front of the TV.

AND I need to decorate around the endless things that need to be fixed/renovated in an old house, and the quirky set up of rooms.   I shouldn't even say I'm having a problem because I LOVE this kind of challenge.  There's something to be said about going into a home that's move in ready, brand new appliances, and Feng shui-d within an inch of its life.... You just move your stuff in and luxuriate. But when you have to decorate within/around a long hallway, a free floating office space, and a Kitchen that's part of said hallway you've got to get your style mojo revved up.  Challenge for 2012! ..... create a home that makes all of us happy!!!

** Still looking for an interesting desk and storage for my office ... thinking about using a traditional writing desk with a modern lucite chair... We'll see, because I really like the pop of color with the mirrored wall in the above pic.  If you have any suggestions/images to share please comment **

I gave you all that background, to say Kelly Wearstler is a Super Hero!  From her interiors to jewelry, I'm so inspired by the freedom in her design.... I LOVE a kind of Calvin Klein minimalism, but Kelly makes me want to pull out all my wacky little chachkies and create some magic.  By the way, all minimalists have a dirty little secret... we have a closet/drawer/box in the attic marked  'one day' with very over the top non-minimalist things. 

** I had a sparkly pink flamingo for years, that I thought I could whip into a focal point 'one day'... finally donated the ugly little thing to our local thrift store... hopefully it found a good home. **  

Anyway... a few of my fave Kelly Wearstler looks.....  

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