Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prabal Gurung for J.Crew

I'm salivating..... 

Exploding Bow Blouse
I LOVE this look.... *giggling* because I know my Honey would not get it. He would say, "that's an interesting shirt Babe."  An interesting shirt?! It's genius! ... I want to rock it, styled as is, or with a pencil skirt and a huge statement cuff. 

Bow-dacious Denim Jacket
Fabulous!  It's the feminine version of the 'Humphrey Bogarte at Rick's Cafe' swagger.  We could ride this jacket right into fall!  Thank you, J.Crew and Prabal Gurung!  
Great collaboration!

Humphrey Bogarte in Casablanca

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  1. LOVE the first one. It comes in pink too!!!!