Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day is one week away!

Still scrambling to find that perfect gift for your Mother this year?
Hope this Style Shepherd list helps.....

Number one... a gift that keeps on giving and my favorite Sunday reading,

Number two... for the Mom who can never find her keys
Description from Accessories Council Blog -  MCM have the perfect gift for Mother’s Day their signature Cognac Visetos print leather charm, key ring or handbag accessory with brushed brass hardware. It comes in three designs, a Rabbit, A dog and a teddy bear. It is so easy to find in your pocket book and is a real favorite with celebrities. The Accessory retails for $135 and is available from the MCM store at The Plaza Hotel in New York.

Number three ....  for the Mom who lives for a little drama
Description from the Joan Shepp Website - One of a kind necklace from the Maximal Art collection by John Wind. Gold chain necklace with 14 decorative dangles, dress up any casual outfit with this necklace!! Chain Length: 22" $499-

Number 4 ..... The gift that gives to you, Mom, and the rest of the family.  
Contact Denise Fike

Number 5 ...... Ma can be a little mysterious, peeking out from under a wide brimmed chapeau?
Description from Accessories Council Blog - Callanan Millinery represents John Callanan, the collections founder and designer. The quality and craftsmanship is their alluring and demure styles which are the foundation for their collections. The legacy by John Callanan is a hipster, young and more European  - inspired range of headwear. The looks can be edgy or contemporary based on an outfit or the wearer’s style. The soft can be hard / soft, boy or girl. This is a perfect gift for any mother especially as the sun has not beginning to shine. Retails between $42 and $145.

And number five for today (check back later this week for more Mother's Day Gift suggestions), Celebrate your Mother's Golden Heart with...
Description from MayaBelle Jewelry - Shown here with 3 tiny 14k vermeil hearts (each one is 1/4" in width) Available in any number of hearts and customized with any letter. Also available in sterling silver and/or birthstones.
*price for necklace with 1 Heart: $49.00*
*price for necklace with 2 Hearts: $53.00*
*each additional Heart is $4.00*
*All jewelry comes complete with a jewelry card and Maya Belle Jewelry box!*
*FREE shipping to continental US for orders over 50 dollars!!*
And last but certainly not least, the announcement of our Judith Jack Giveaway is Annie1!  
Annie1's winning entry .......
Annie1 ...also love the Judith Jack Hammered Circles Bracelet and the Judith Jack Circle Station Necklace.

Judith Jack Hammered Circles Bracelet $195.00 from - Von Maur

Judith Jack Circle Station Necklace $225.00 - Von Maur



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  1. great list! i, myself, would love to have that vogue subscription or one of those hats!!