Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worship the Sun, in Michael Kors Sunnies!

 My life is so charmed!

Last Tuesday I was invited to the Accessories Council's Mother's Day top picks twitter party!

Let me lay the scene for you... I pop out of one of NYC's famed taxi's on 40th street, across from Bryant Park, and standing there looking fabulous is Philadelphia's own Phashionista Michelle Boyles, and Jimmy Contreras aka Jimmy Style.  We are whisked up to a beautiful minimally chic light box... the Marchon Eyewear penthouse showroom.  And at the door we are met by Social Media Maven Anne Agoren, and the President and heartbeat of the Accessories Council,  Karen Giberson

"Welcome, welcome, come in, have a glass a wine and get a good seat!". 

The room was filled with fashion writers, fashion bloggers, and product designers!.... my kind of crowd, I was thrilled!  Not long after I settled into my seat the camera rolls and the show begins... (fast forward to 26:00)

And the Accessories Council's top pick that I'm wrapping up first, is a pair of fabulous Michael Kors Sunnies! The woman who's going to get them is a Diva and a Mom who will wear them with all the attitude they deserve. 
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  1. OWW OWW OWW!!!!! And i will wear them with the most attitude! THANKS DAHLING!!!!

  2. Welll... you deserve them. You are the best Mom ever!

  3. Awww you're sooo sweet... i'm sure Aniyah would disagree... lol! she love's her soap BTW... she keeps going to it saying, "pretty"