Friday, April 22, 2011

Andy Drew 2 does Jewelry!

I've been a big fan of Andy Drew 2 for quite some time

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.... so you can imagine how pleased I was discovering this gorgeous necklace while browsing his facebook page.  And it's the way I want to go for spring/summer.... Caliente! Hot colors and natural fabrics that ooze ethnic urban chic.  I know that punchy colors are hot for this season (I'm really diggin' Kate Spade Spring 2011... get your jaw off the flloor... I know, it's cute and preppy but there were more than a few pieces that I liked this year. *Shrug* the times they are a changin') but I like an edgier look for spring.  Maybe soft fabrics and statement jewelry, like my new favorite Andy Drew creation  is the way to go. Ciao!

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