Saturday, March 19, 2011

Netflix: The Pawnbroker

I haven't been on top of my Netflix queue.... got a lot going on these days, but when I opened my red envelope and saw the title The Pawnbroker, I thought, "Whaaaaat?". Never heard of it, couldn't remember if someone suggested it to me, did I read something about it (?).... had no memory of moving it up to "The Top".... Complete blank.

Even though I couldn't remember why I wanted to see The Pawnbroker, I'm so glad I did.  Not that it was such a great flick (sure lots would disagree), it was just OK, the story was pretty grim (it is the story of an embittered Holocaust survivor) but the images of everyday life in Harlem were amazing! It made me want to move into a big Brownstone, shoot pool, and take mass in a makeshift chapel in a tenement building. 

A must see, if only for the atmosphere.... gave it 3 stars!

From the Netflix envelope: Rod Steiger stars as Sol Nazerman, a Jewish pawnbroker and Holocaust survivor embittered and broken by his experience.  Sol becomes increasingly removed from his friends and his business in Harlem, which has attracted the attention of a mobster.  Can Sol turn around his life and his shop? Steiger won Best Actor honors at the 1964 Berlin International Film Festival and the 1965 BAFTAs for his role in this Oscar-nominated drama directed by Sidney Lumet

from Excaveneau

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