Saturday, March 12, 2011

Made by Devon

When I walk into the office, I pass by the desk of Devon Bauman who always has a smile and fabulous jewelry.... of course with my accessories obsession, I made sure that one of my breaks was committed to finding out where all these baubles were coming from.  Well! To my surprise, they are Made by Devon!

Here are a few of my faves!
Buy $75 - Pendants are made with fused dichroic glass either adorned with a bail or hand wrapped in silver wire.  They are then surrounded by swarovski crystals, glass beads, and various other beads.

Buy $45 -
These pendants are made by stacking pieces of cut glass and fusing them together in my kiln to form an interesting shape.  They are then filed down to define the shape and then re-fired to polish them.  Some are then hand wrapped in silver wire. (Chains are not included)

Buy $35
Tube bracelets are made with silver and gold plated beads, swarovski crystal cubes, and swarovski squaredelles.  Bracelets are made with glass and crystal beads and dichroic glass cabochons.

About Devon -

My name is Devon and I have a BFA in textiles from Moore College of Art and Design.  After college my favorite show to watch was Crafters Coast to Coast...let’s just say I was mildly obsessed!  There was a episode of a lady making fused glass coasters and I thought to myself  “I need to learn how to do this!”  So I took a few classes, someone was kind enough to give me an old glass grinder they were not using anymore and my parents helped me buy a kiln.  I always had a love for jewelry and a passion for color...this medium allowed me to combine the two to create one of a kind wearables.  Then came the glass bottles.  I realized I could flatten bottles with my kiln, friends and family started collecting bottles for me and my recycled glass serving trays and spoon rests were created.  These make fantastic gifts and great conversation pieces. 

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