Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jenny Drumgoole: Real Woman of Philadelphia

I can't wait to see this exhibit at Moore Galleries! 

January 29th - March 15th
FREE! ... and open to the public! 

Jenny Drumgoole is a Philadelphia-based multimedia (you know I LOVE Multimedia) artist who incorporates photography, performance and video.  Get a front row seat for me... I'm ready! Listen to this.... Her video based performance art involves physically and virtually infiltrating competitive events like being a "wingette" at the Annual Wingbowl in South Philly and submitting 'How to' cooking videos to a Philadelphia Cream Cheese online recipe contest sponsored by Kraft Foods/Paula Deen.  What?!!!! LOL I can't wait to see this! The exhibition at Moore will feature all nine of her video recipe submissions as well as documentation and ephemera related to her participation in the contest. Love it! 

Wing Bowl 13 - Jenny Drumgoole


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