Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gray Matter

Bouvier Jewelry
So, I'm going through my closets... and even though we saw 15" of snow last week, and a promise of more to come.... I'm confident that spring is on its way, and I need to be prepared. So committed to adding more color to my wardrobe this season and I'm leaning towards grass green and maybe accents of red.  Love the way grass green and cherry will pop against all of the gray I already own.  And I can't just chuck it all, that would be financially irresponsible, (or I may be holding on to the black/beige/gray neutrals *shrug*). Still.... Is there anything as beautiful as gray pearls?

Oh divine intervention.... guess what is on Turner Classic Movies?  Doctor Zhivago!  A virtual study in the many shades of gray, brown.....  and snow! Oh, but I do love the Tonya's coat in this scene.  Of course I would choose a fabulous faux fur. 

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