Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gangs of New York - US Vogue Feb. 2011

My heart leapt when I opened my post office box...
My February Issue of American Vogue!
Rodarte Spring Summer 2011, Photographed by Mario Testino
 Ripping the plastic off a new issue of Vogue each month is my little slice of Christmas. 

I always, always, always... always always always, open it before I leave the post office.  It's extremely annoying to the people around me, because I become completely absorbed.  I don't recommend it.

Well this time when I took a peek inside, the Gangs of New York editorial spread, stopped me in my tracks.  A little bit of fantasy, a whole lot of wearability.... so Vogue! 

Lorraine Hansberry, who was potgraphed for Vogue in 1959 after the smashing success of a Raisin in the Sun

After flipping back a few sections, I see that this months Nostalgia article is about Lorraine Hansberry!  I can't wait to stack the pillows up and cuddle into this one! 


  1. yes I just read this article and loved it! I live in Harlem and thrive off the strong culture that still exists today. I adored that rodarte photo as well,those are most of my favorite models!

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  2. I just finished reading it too! Loved how she leaned on the voices around her and the vintage dresses to absorb the environment and find her own voice. Thank you, following Mauve Diary.