Sunday, January 2, 2011

Estelle Frances!

Second day of  2011!
...and I'm checking off my 'To Do' list!  

As much as I LOVE being a social network/PR manager, and fashion blogger.... I still need a creative outlet that allows me to design! You should try it... think of no one but yourself, get your little paintbrushes, pens, pliers, canvases out and just create! ... and please open an ETSY shop and share it with us. 

My new ETSY shop is called
Estelle Frances... so named in honor of two very independent women who influenced my style.... my Great Grandmother Estelle, and my Grandmother Frances.  There are four necklaces ready for sale this week.  My goal is to add one new piece each week, forcing myself to take time out for... creativity!  

Happy ETSY Shopping!

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