Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've been looking back at my favorite collections for Spring/Summer 2011 .... because the weather in Philadelphia is either white or gray.  Two neutrals that I'm mad about, but just for one season.  I'm dying for some sun.

So Dsquared2 Women's Spring/Summer2011  is one of my favorite collections because I LOVE a menswear inspired look.   Being a curvy woman, it gives me the structure I need ..... and I can pull it off because it really is  just 'inspired' by menswear.  My curves keep it from being to androgynous.  If I have to be critical of anything, it's that I can't imagine the cut of the pants being flattering on anyone with hips.  So as much as I was loving one fabulously straw chapeau-ed model appear on the runway (crazy about the accessories), I wasn't seeing this as a collection that everyone would be clamoring for. And then, at about 5 minutes and 10 seconds in, out comes a cape cut to resemble your lover's jacket thrown over your shoulders on a chilly night... and all was forgiven. We'll leave the pants to the model bodies, but all of us will wear the capes.  Gorgeous!

from mavc1960

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