Monday, January 10, 2011

Carpe Diem!

January 10th of last year....

I was on the phone yuckin' it up with my cousin Mikey .... and thinking about writing a post about Coco Chanel... she died on January 10, 1971 (the year I was born... LOL when I first read that tidbit of information, I thought that meant something. SMH, I was a strange, imaginative little girl. Hmmm....I need to check a numerology chart, maybe it does mean something *shrug* ... I've become a strange imaginative woman *giggling*).  And then the hospital called....  My father passed away on January 10th, 2010.  ... and these last 365 days have been a struggle.... most days I just held on by the tips of my fingernails, and white knuckled it through the day.  But... here I am, a year later... stronger, and holding fast to the words Carpe Diem!

Dad wore a silver ring everyday with the words 'Carpe Diem' etched on the channel (he's so cool)... now it's my ring.  I think I'll get it sized to fit my thumb this week... I haven't wanted to have it cleaned or touched by anyone, .... but it's time right?  Seize the day?

"Time is the most precious thing you have, seize the day, Kid, seize the day."
~ James Ryan (to his daughter)
Dad, sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise. Live long and prosper.


  1. My thoughts are with you and your mom today.
    I don't know if I would change the ring. It has his imprint. Maybe incorporate it in a oiece of your jewelry design. He seems so cool!
    love you.

  2. You dad looks so cool.
    I do not think that I would re-size the ring. It has his imprint. I would, though, incorporate it in one of your signature pieces of jewelry of your own design.
    love you.

  3. also, I never have seen you waste one moment of time. You learned well.

  4. Denise, you're the best, the absolute best. Carpe Diem!