Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daffy's Holiday Window

Pillows for under $25 never looked so good... 
Daffy's Philadelphia

"Women Who Shape Our Lives" - FDJ Contest

A dear sweet friend of mine, who writes a wonderful blog called Miss Bee's Haven (how cute is that?), sent me a facebook message this morning about a wonderful contest hosted by FDJ. The contest is a search for "women who shape our lives", and Miss Bee's friend Claudie does just that. Claudie and her Cat Rescue Network could use the $1,000 prize to continue their mission this winter.  
..... Asking all my friends to vote for Claudie!
Vote HERE:
Thanks bunches! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Work Christmas Party...

As soon as the Christmas Party date was announced, 
my coworker sent me a text.... 
What R U goN 2 wear?  

In a perfect 'access to anything I want' world... 
This is what I would wear.

This Dress!
Donna Karan Fall 2010 RTW LBD
This necklace...
Kanye West at the King Tut Discovery Times Exhibit

These shoes..... 
Nicholas Kirkwood Booties

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Joan Shepp Holiday Trunk Show Season!

Joan Shepp is one of the most beautiful boutiques in Philadelphia!  ..... Subscribe to their blog to keep up with upcoming trunk shows and events.  If you've never been to a trunk show.... please take time this holiday season and go to a trunk show, wherever you are.  Support independent designers!

......  Some pics from the John Wind trunk show that took place this weekend at Joan Shepp. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Business of Fashion

 When I read the announcement for Moore's Net Nights ..... 

Net Nights at Moore, Trend Reports, The Business of Fashion

I thought, hmmmmm this should be interesting.   Well it was interesting..... and soooooo much fun!  The night began with cocktails and people watching...

Student designers from area schools showed up in their own creations and I had more than one flashback to sophomore year of high school.  The Eighties are back!  I'm a little envious, you know what they say, if you wore it the first time around, you  can only add an accessory the second time around.  In other words, The Style Shepherd can not go all out 80's, but I CAN accessorize.  So yes, that's what I did... the all black fashion uniform and a John Wind Maximal Art statement necklace (sorry, no pic).  

Left to Right - Alexandra de Young Fashion Designer at Diane Von Furstenburg, Auralis Herrera Lugo Founding Designer of Auralis Inc, Janice Lewis Chair and Professor of Fashion Design at Moore, Kristin Haskins-Simms Founding Designer of Strange Fruit, Craig Arthur Von Schroeder Founding Designer of Commonwealth Proper
The cocktail hour went by really quickly... time really does fly when you're having fun.  We all tucked into our seats, ready to listen to Janice Lewis, take the guest speakers and audience on a rip roaring good time.  Let's face it, any time a discussion begins with 'the business of'..... we could be in for a long night.  Not at Moore, and not when Janice has the microphone, I felt like I was having tea with five of my good friends.  

Model wearing Strange Fruit by Kristin Haskins-Simms
Kristin Haskins-Simms, explaining her inspiration for Strange Fruit's Spring 2011 collection as Prairie Chic, a mixture of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Carrie Bradshaw, brought the house down. Please take advantage of the events at Moore... I promise you'll have a great time.

..... Speaking of the Business of Fashion, I wanted to share this video from one of my favorite blogs Business of Fashion.com.
Karl Lagerfeld speaking exclusively to BoF Founder and Editor-in-Chief Imran Amed on technology for The Luxury Channel, following the IHT Heritage Luxury Conference hosted by Suzy Menkes and held in London last week.
The Luxury Channel

My New Obsession

........ is the blog My Next Obsession!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Raven Prize Winner

Congratulations Fellow Rover!  

You are this week's Style Shepherd Winner!  
Enjoy your PRIZE!

Fellow Rover suggested that we check out this 
Gothic Goth Choker Collier Necklace from Etsy Shop Tristania.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chado Ralph Rucci

 Last Friday I had the most amazing experience.  I went to visit the Chado Ralph Rucci atelier in Soho.  The showroom and work spaces are located at the very busy Broadway and Spring Street... a very unassuming front entrance and lobby (lots of remodeling going on), so much so, that I walked by it twice before finding it.  Anyway, a short ride to the 6th floor and .... Ahhhhhleluuuuuhiaaaaa! I'm here! Rosina Rucci (PR extraordinaire) escorts me right over to see Spring 2011 (just in time too, it's just about to start a trunk show tour, starting in Neiman Marcus / Dallas, November 9th and 10th, 10 am to 4 pm, in the couture salon).

 I'm blown away by the workmanship, and I speak from experience.  I can sew a pretty nice dress, but this was ... on a whole other level.  From the perfect top stitching, the seams that are far from traditional, perfect knots for buttons, horsehair sewn and embroidered so flawlessly, I'm speechless.  One by one, Rosina pulls each piece and lets me closely inspect them.

Oh wait a minute, I didn't tell you how incredibly cool the showroom is - One side is completely mirrored, then there are two sides filled with very neat lines of garment racks and above them are Ralph Rucci paintings.  He paints!  The front wall holds huge windows with cool linen drapes and three Asian (?) maybe Buddhist bust/mask (?)... hmmm... I'm only sure that there are three beautiful pieces of sculpture there.  The line between art gallery and workspace is really blurry.

OK back to the collection...  This collection is sculptural and for the cool cultured woman, who isn't following trends but wants beautiful clothes to live in..... and wants them to be classic enough to buck trends and remain chic year after year.  

These are my absolute favorites......

This horsehair and crepe skirt was really surprising.... hanging up it held it's shape and looked beautiful, but stiff.  When it was brought off the rack, it was very flirty and had a lot of movement. 

Speaking of movement, the cartridge pleats on the skirt of this dress are phenomenal (Cartridge pleats were popular during the 16th and 17th centuries and adorned both women's and men's clothing )! Clearly to get the heavenly movement of monastic robes worn by the clergy in the Renaissance period, hundreds of perfectly hand folded pleats must be sewn with a precision that I can not imagine.... took my breath away. God IS in the details. 

Close up of Pomodoro's Il Grande Disco

The Pomodoro Tailleur. This jacket is quintessential Ralph Rucci, inspired by art (Arnaldo Pomodoro), dimensional, and pushing a classic shape ever forward. Every angle of this jacket has so many dimensional surprises.... I felt like I could look 'into' the jacket, as if it were layers upon layers of fabric.  Very much like the work of Pomodoro.... an artist who creates a universe that invites you to peer inside.

The crowning jewel in this collection... the dress I could not stop thinking about is ...
The Tulle Pomodoro Infanta 
(... just take it in... I want this dress!)
To see the whole collection, click HERE

I was really inspired by all the blood sweat and tears that go into a Ralph Rucci Collection. And even though I haven't had my sewing machine out in years, I bought this Chado Ralph Rucci pattern (V1073) today.  I'll let you know how it goes in a future post.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vintage by Studio Manhattan

John Wind / Maximal Art Super Salesperson Alicia Nazario has been pouring honey in my ear about Studio Manhattan for weeks.  So I was really excited to check out their Pop Up in The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

 As soon as I turned the corner onto 42nd Street and walked into the park, I started to hum... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Ev'rywhere you go.... Take a look in the five and ten glistening once again.  I can be super corny, but I love this season, the party invitations are coming in, I'm thinking about shopping for someone other than myself...  so wonderful! No? Mmmm but the topic is Vintage Studio Manhattan.  I walk up and down, row after row and peer into each little shop (A perfect, cloudy gray day, make the shops with their twinkling little goodies and warm glowing light, all the more like a Christmas Village).  And Ohhhhh look at this, that's pretty... Oh, this is, yes this is Studio Manhattan!  It's beautiful!  Oh Mercy they have a  working fireplace! I want to move in! 

I introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Rhonda, PR-Social Media Manager for John Wind / Maximal Art".  LOL I should get a badge, and flash it every time I say that.  LOL .... or maybe not. It's funny to me, but... may be a tiny bit silly.  *shrug*

"Oh you made it!  I'm so glad you could stop by", co-owner Arzu shouts out.
I get a quick tour of the shop, and I have to talk myself out of buying absolutely everything (I did buy one little treasure for myself... mmm hmmm I guess I'm not quite in the Xmas spirit. Studio Manhattan clicked on the me me me switch. LOL).

One of their very cool polaroid transfers (fashion/7th Ave.) on a locket w/mirror. 

 Absolutely everything in the shop is being cooed over by..... everyone!  Seriously, while I was standing there, it seemed like every person that walked by, stopped in and bought something.  Thank God my train back to Philadelphia was departing in an hour or I would be there shopping, 'til this very minute. I flexed all my self control muscles and said good-bye (I found a certain solace in knowing that the Holiday shops are open until Jan. 2nd and I'll be back here in a few weeks).
If you look closely you can see my reflection.  LOL see how much joy accessories bring to me. SMH

Give yourself a treat and visit the Holiday Shops at Bryant Part (and Vintage by Studio Manhattan).

Friday, November 5, 2010


Fashion Friday Profile of the Week

 As I floated away from the Soho Atelier of Chado Ralph Rucci (wait until you read that post... should be up by Sunday) and jutted my hand out for a taxi... a little desperately.... I had just enough time to check out Studio Manhattan's Pop Up in Bryant Park's Annual Holiday Shops (tomorrow's post) and make it back to Philly for dinner with my Honey.  Stop the presses... the hell with the taxi, look at her gorgeous hair!  I walk up to Fantcha, tell her that the Style Shepherd followers need to see how fantastic she looks and may I PLEASE take her picture.... I'm so forward. *Shrug* 

Anyway, she gives me a look like, 'Who ARE you?'.... the normal reaction to being accosted on the street by a crazed fashion disciple. That doesn't slow me down (when I get excited, my personality morphs into a yapping chihuahua) I give her my card and explain all about Fashion Friday pic/profile of the week, and then...... 

Nonchalantly posing she says, "Go ahead.  ... You're from Philadelphia? Ever heard of the International House?"  

Of course I have. Well, it turns out she's performed there.  Wow!

She gives me her card, "My name is Fantcha ... Check out my album on Itunes". 

And as soon as I get back in front of my Mac (one of my favorite places in the world) I listened to snippets of her new album, Amor, Mar e Musica.  It's beautiful, .... like a mix of Sergio Mendes and Hugh Masekela, in a strong feminine voice. Yup, I bought it... rockin' my neck and listening to it right now. 


The whole time I'd been chit chatting with music star Fantcha! I love NY! .... The woman knows how to strike a pose.... click on IMAGES to see some really fab pics.  

Video Look Book                                                                                         

 Excerpt from her bio -
Fantcha, a talented…Cape Verdean beauty based in New York City, is a musical ambassador from the African archipelago nation of Cape Verde.” ~Afropop Worldwide Cape Verde, the cluster of islands off the coast of West Africa's Senegal, is best known for its poetic, bluesy music epitomized by the morna, full of yearning or sodade. But, mornas are not the only form of music there, equally popular is the infectious, danceable coladeira. The heart of this music lies in Mindelo, the fabled cultural capital of this Island nation.
Fantcha was born in Mindelo and grew up singing in a musically rich household while, her brothers played guitar and cavaquinho. At the age of ten, she came to the attention of Ti Goi, one of Cape Verde’s most famous composers who recognized her talent and encouraged her to continue singing. He believed in her talent so completely that he went onto introduce her to Cesaria Evora. Cesaria was so taken with the young singer that she became her mentor and, took her touring frequently so that she could open for her.
A charismatic performer, Fantcha, developed her own, unique musical style with African, Cuban and Portugese inflections. Her rich, sensuous voice is memorable when she sings the soulful mornas, evoking the ache of longing and loss. She is equally compelling with her renditions of coladeiras, those danceable tunes, that time after time has audiences on their feet dancing.

Fantcha moved from Cape Verde and now makes her home in New York. Her music has continued to evolve through several albums including, Lusafrica’s Criolinha and Viva Mindelo and the compilation album Putamayo Presents Cape Verde where she performs alongside famed Cape Verdean vocalists such as Bana and Cesaria Evora. She has toured throughout Cape Verde, Europe and the US and has performed at the Hollywood Bowl, Chicago World Music Festival, New York’s Summerstage and Joe’s Pub among others.