Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthday Cake and Sex and the City!

 6" Platforms and we are out the door!
It's 2 AM, I'm watching the Original Sex and The City Movie and I'm having a slice of Birthday Cake (Actual Birthday is tomorrow LOL)!  I'll be back on the wagon Tuesday morning for all you Calorie Counters.  Well... I was not blown away by SATC 2. ....... (Let's have a moment of silence and let that sink in)........... At the end of the movie, my friend/cousin and I gave the twisted lip look, that says, WHAT - evah! And my other friend was already on her cell, checking on the kids.  Can you believe it?!  To be fair, there were moments, I mean... Liza Minelli brought the house down with her rendition of Single Ladies.  You know what I loved about the series? The 5th women was always NYC! When they went away to Abu Dhabi, .... they lost New York, and some of the heart. I'll buy the soundtrack though, and wouldn't turn down a trip to one of the emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. 

Where it didn't disappoint?  I was sitting in between two of my best girlfriends, one who is an avid SATC fan and the other who watched it if nothing else was on, but .... was there for me, and brought a birthday cake! Which is delicious! (taking another forkful) What I mean is, it brings us together.  Even my friend who didn't go, (because she can't keep up with the story in English, Cantonese is her Mother tongue) was there in spirit, because the fact that she wasn't there was the topic of conversation.  When the women of SATC get together, so do millions and millions of other women.  That's worth the price of the ticket.

As disappointed as I was in the movie, I'm sooo glad we went to see it, because I may never have received this tweet. (wiping away a tear)
Miss_E_Bunny Had a blast with my cousin @IBelieveInStyle... My carrie bradshaw!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ugh!  I would be sick today!  Coughing like a chain smoker!  Well I took some cough suppressant (hate medicine) and I'll be ready for tonight!  Can you believe that when I went to pick up our tickets (going with two of my Bezzy Mates, Laketa and Mikey) on Thursday afternoon at 1:00, all the showtimes were sold out until Saturday Evening.  Jaw Dropping!  I say make that money sisters! Congratulations to them!

Follow Your Heart

So very proud of my friend Em!
she followed her heart and is living her dream, 
taking care of her beloved cats. 
Congratulations Emily!

Emily Petry is a long-time Philadelphia resident who is an animal shelter volunteer and the proud owner of five cats. She is a graduate of the Furry Tails Pet Grooming School in Hillsborough, NJ. She also attended the National Cat Groomer’s Institute of America and obtained two degrees in cat grooming: Certified Feline Master Groomer and Certified Feline Creative Groomer. Emily will be at Wagsworth Wednesdays through Saturdays.
In addition to bathing services (great for allergies) she will offer lion cuts and comb cuts, de-shed treatments, de-flea service, sanitary clips for kitties with poopy problems, washing away dandruff and à la carte services such as ear cleaning and claw trimming. Soft Paws for cats will also be offered in a rainbow of colors (a great alternative to de-clawing). Creative painting services will be offered to compliant kitties willing to sit still.

Wow!  That is real spa day for your Cat!  
Best of luck Emily!  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday, Pic of the Week, 5/28/10

"When the soccer players shoot and hit the goal, the net swings into a beautiful shape. This inspired a series of laser-cut T-shirts and dresses that captured the same movement." Yohji Yamamoto

 Y-3 Spring/Summer 2010


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Reading List!

I LOVE to read, and I'm getting my summer reading list together.

The first one I want to read is, ... If You Have to Cry Go Outside and other things your mother never told you, by Kelly Cutrone. This one has been in my Amazon Cart since I watched Kelly do the photoshoot for the cover on her amazing reality show Kell on Earth.
Just read Jonathan Van Meter's article about Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man,
by Bill Clegg.  I'm intrigued!

I've always wanted to read Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle, and Valerie of Valerie Barbie fame reminded me of that as soon as I opened this morning's facebook status from my tweetdeck with  - 'Adding to my Summer reading list, any suggestions?'. 

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs was suggested by Sadikia, owner of Baskets by Sadi... looked over the reviews, and its in! 

 Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali... This was on last years reading list too, I don't know what happened, but I'll definitely get to it this year.  


  Love Jen Lancaster's writing voice and her extra long titles.. can't wait to start this one! My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover if Not Being a Dumb Ass is the New Black, or, A Culture-Up Manifesto


A Book I've meant to read for many many years, its been on the list in the 80s, and the 90s, this is the year though.... The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson.


And last but not least Miles by Miles Davis, for my Dad.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diana Ross, Radio City Music Hall

 So, you all know that I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and it was everything I thought it would be, costume changes, all the hits I wanted to hear, and her voice is better than ever. She is the Diana that I imagined.  The thing that touched me the most, was my 20 something cousin, singing along word for word..... the music lives! 

from Jetmetset

Monday, May 24, 2010

Profile Pic of the Week, Mario Lanza


 I had the pleasure of booth sitting for my brother (Mark Ryan) at an art show in Mario Lanza Park, .... and while sitting there, I wondered, who is Mario Lanza.  I knew he was a singer, but .... that's about it.

As soon as I got back to my desk I googled him, and his Wikipedia is interesting (remember when we had a set of encyclopedias) he was a singer and a movie star with MGM and grew up in South Philadelphia.  Hence the Mario Lanza Park, Institute and Museum.   
- from Nusound.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baskets by Sadi!

I'm always looking for something special to give to my girlfriends, Aunties,  cousins and colleagues.  It's not easy, especially when you don't have a lot of time to shop, and you want your gift to be special.  We all have received gifts that, while of course we apreciate the thought, make us say.... "Really, you thought I would like this?", and it gets thrown in the regift/donate pile.

In a casual facebook conversation, I found out that one of my best girlfriends from High School (don't ya love facebook?!) has a fabulous business called Baskets by Sadi.  There is a basket there for every occasion..... Mother's Day, Birthday, Out with the Girls, Out with the Boys, Movie Night, you name it, and the prices are unbelievably reasonable! 

I had to ask .... how did you get started?
Sadi -
I actually started after constantly receiving thoughtless gifts. One Christmas I got a black purse, when I went through the purse it had a card in it from the original buyer to the original receiver- who in turn, gave it to me. That actually hurt my feelings!! And it is a pet peeve. Since then, I have promoted my private thought that, people want a personalized gift that is JUST FOR THEM. Nobody else. I already loved baskets, and I started selling what I thought women would like. SO when some one tells me they want a basket, I usually ask: what is the receiver's favorite color, hobby, or taste? What do they do for a living etc. I love to make personalized baskets. I actually feel very uncomfortable making impersonal baskets - my biggest fear is - will the receiver love it....? It's great to receive a gift, but to receive a gift full of things that YOU specifically like is AWESOME! 
Well.... there's a lot of good Karma coming her way.

Baskets by Sadi has been making baskets since 2002. They specialize in custom baskets where they put in what you want.  They also do other things like event decor, diaper cakes and bunches. So if you want a basket like no other, send them an email! They do everything from SpongeBob baskets to a "Stop the Nausea" Pregnancy basket!! That's impressive! Don't worry that you live to far away, Baskets by Sadi ships everywhere!  Sadi's baskets have been enjoyed in Belgium, Japan, Hawaii and the entire US.  Check out her Fathers day raffle and The Basket Blog.

Special For the Style Shepherd Followers:
This weeks Giveaway is a special basket from Baskets by Sadi.  In celebration of the new Sex and the City Movie coming out this weekend, we are giving away The Samantha Basket! 
To win you must be a follower of the Style Shepherd,  21 years of age or older, and  leave a comment about your favorite basket at Baskets by Sadi,  You can comment as many times as you like, and each winner will be chosen by and as always, this giveaway is open to every country. Qualifying comments must be in English (Sorry, no translation yet) and entered by Sunday May 30th, 2010 11:59PM EST. The Winners will be notified and announced on Monday, May 31st, 2010. Good Luck!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Had to let everyone know about this great giveaway!  

 John Wind Maximal Art's twitter page is all aflutter! They are giving away a special little tweet pin to one of their tweeties! Follow them @JWMaximal Art, the drawing will be on Tuesday (5/25/10) at 12 noon. Good Luck!

 Rhonda Ryan PR-Maximal Art

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nancy played to win!

Congratulations Nancy!
You are one of this week's winners! 
Nancy ~
 I certainly was playing to win lol  I adore Peacocks.  We have a park, here in Victoria, where some Peacocks live and I remember as a kidlet, being able to find peacock feathers (few and far between) after they had molted!  I still have one of them to this day!   Our beloved (the city's) White Peacock passed away just a couple months ago!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lovely Day...

Hanging out with your best friend is the best when you're a kid, but it's even better when you're an adult.  Who has time to just .... hang out?  I have to make time! This weekend I pushed away from my computer and turned my phone on silent, (harder than you can imagine) and went to browse the Art Star Bazaar at Penn's Landing with my friend ... and guess who I met?! Jay McCarroll!  I should have pulled my Hollywood sunglasses down to my face, but I was so busy, directing the camera person (My BFF) to realize how much I would have loved having my glasses on too.  LOL

 .... a quick lunch at La Scala, and just peeked into Philly Cupcake we're watching our figures, but vowed to be in such good shape this summer that we'll be able to become regular customers.  Who am I kidding?  One or both of us will be stopping in there this week.  LOL How fabulous is it to have a glamazon mannequin in a cupcake printed frock in the front window? 
 ........and then off to do a little shopping at Anthropologie.  I love the ceiling on the first floor, and all the home accessories in the basement make me drool. 

... as long as we were at Anthropologie, we had to stop by Rittenhouse Square and watch the musicians and performance artist, ... Lovely day!
Take a day off just hang out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bonjour Montreal!

La place Jacques-Cartie

I love artist!  I just spoke to my younger brother who was sketching and selling his sketches in La place Jacques-Cartie, Montreal.  What a wonderful experience, I can't wait to see his pictures and here all about the exhibits at the Musee des Beaux Arts, which he thinks I will love.  We just started planning a long weekend to Montreal in August, of course..... Bonjour Montreal!

 Miles Davis Exhibit - Musee des Beaux-Arts

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Struttin' Like a Peacock!

I'm still so obsessed with this dress.  I was actually sitting here thinking,... can I make that?  How hard would it be to copy?  Really, I don't even have time to think about copying a Alexander McQueen masterpiece.  ..... Sometimes I have these Martha Stewart fantasies, where I believe that I can whip up a dress, put up a set of shelves and arrange a perfect bouquet of flowers for every room, all in one afternoon.   

 Ahhh.... Mr. Big! (wink)

Special for The Style Shepherd Followers! 
Oh my!  A special midweek giveaway!  This one is all about sharing one of my favorite 'go to' Blogs for some really fantastic giveaways... from gorgeous jewelry to handmade embroidered pillows.
By Hand Giveaways!! The prize is a beautiful peacock necklace from one of my favorite Maximal Art collections. The rules are simple, you must be a follower of By Hand Giveaways and a follower of The Style Shepherd.  Leave a comment describing one of your favorite By Hand Giveaways and a link to it (except for this one). Leave as many comments as you like and for an extra entry tweet this - 
I love @StyleShepherd @JWMaximalArt and @byhandgiveaways!   
Each winner will be chosen by and as always, this giveaway is open to every country. Qualifying comments must be in English (Sorry, no translation yet) and entered by Wednesday, May19th, 2010 11:59PM EST. The Winners will be notified and announced on Thursday, May 20th, 2010. 
Good Luck!

Rhonda Ryan PR - Maximal Art

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Horne...... June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010

Lena Horne.

From Bronze Venus

The first special memory I have of Lena Horne, is sitting one row in front of my parents with two of my brothers, in a movie theater (Chew and Chelten Ave's ... there's a Laundry there now, sigh) watching her sing 'Believe in Yourself' in The Wiz. Right after she finished, I turned to smile at my Mom, and she was already looking at me,... waiting for me to turn around. She knew I would love that performance. Of course, she had already seen the movie. LOL They never followed the movie ratings, even it it said it was a G rated family movie they would go see it first before they took us to see it.

And of course..... the show we watched every week, Sanford and Son.

From Myn Junk Yard

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let there be light!

Last day in Jamaica.... ahhh bittersweet.  I love it here, but I really miss my Mac... but I also have a mission today, I need to get my camera out and take some pictures of the chandeliers. This is one of those missions that my Honey wants no part of.  He thinks people will look at me strange if I'm taking pictures of chandeliers when the view outside is so beautiful. So what, let'em look... maybe it will inspire them to take notice.  Someone took a long time to place these chandeliers just so... and I appreciate it.  Especially since they were a little different, not the normal sparkly crystals (love them too though).

*Side Note -  I'm a big fan of Joy Junket.  They've inspired me in many ways, but the posts I'm really drawn to are the ones about creating a beautiful environment for yourself.  Thank you, Joy Junket!

Special For the Style Shepherd Followers:
This weeks Giveaway is a pair of antique bronze chandelier earrings from the Etsy shop Stella's Jewelry!
To win you must be a follower of the Style Shepherd,  and  leave a comment about Interior design or your 'go to' link for Interior Design?  You can comment as many times as you like, and each winner will be chosen by and as always, this giveaway is open to every country. Qualifying comments must be in English (Sorry, no translation yet) and entered by Saturday, May15th, 2010 11:59PM EST. The Winners will be notified and announced on Sunday, May 16th, 2010. Good Luck!

Ta Da!!!!

This week's winner is Donna!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby I'm a star!

 This star shape is all over the hotel, I wondered if it was a real flower 'The Iberostar'.  I never asked, and when I googled it, in the very air conditioned, wicker chaired with big comfy pillows internet cafe... (LOL was that to descriptive?) I didn't find anything, but the hotel.  It WAS a really comfortable room.
Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home and look through Etsy for some star shaped jewelry.  These are my favorites:

An orange flower shaped brooch from Modern Mona

Handmade Cast solid silver necklace from Ph. Beads Jewelry.
Jewelry made by a Marine Biologist!!

 HVintage Star Shaped Origami Earrings from Halo Avenue

Soft Sided Coral Bangle from Austin Rock

A Starry Necklace from A Little Bead