Monday, December 13, 2010


Tamara Dobson - Cover of Life Magazine 1969
So... yesterday I had time to read my fashion books, and fashion mags, ..... before the onslaught of the NFL games began.  I love Autumn/Winter Sundays! 

A perfect Sunday for me is getting up early to meditate (usually, I can go for a long time because my Honey likes to sleep in). Then, I get on the couch with a huge cup of peppermint tea, a stack of fashion magazines, newspaper articles that I saved during the week, and a new Fashion or Art 'Coffee Table Book' to peruse.  That would be good enough, but by mid-morning, my Honey is up and we're getting hungry, ... time to drive over to Philadelphia's China Town neighborhood for Dim Sum.  Mmmmmm.... and then it's an afternoon filled with the NFL. Perfection!

*side-note - Part of my New Year's Resolution is to fill my world with beautiful books, with museum exhibits, fashion, art, and literature (more on that in a later post).

Okayyy.... I got off track there.  Ummm... right, so I was reading an article about Tom Ford in American Vogue (by the way, Tom Ford took the lead in French Vogue's December Issue.. must pick that up the next time I'm in the University of Penn bookstore) ....

 ...and I saw this amazing picture!  

Love all the looks but the second woman from the left (luxurious afro, shredded silk-organza shrug, and  silk wrap dress.... as if you could miss her) made me nostalgic for the early 70s.  My Mother wore her hair in a big natural afro in the years before I was born (1971). And long enough after I was born, that I vividly remember watching her pat her afro perfectly round. There's a great picture of my parents, at their wedding reception with matching jumbo afros, my father in a navy jumpsuit and my mother in a magenta silk wrap dress. I love that picture! Wish I had it to share with you.  That fashion era, of Disco, Halston, Yves Saint Laurent's 'Le smoking', and Iman Glam is one of my absolute favorite fashion periods. 

I was so inspired by the picture and feeling so nostalgic for those yesteryears that after all the games were over (Go Eagles!)... I began playing with my own hair, .... really need something easy and chic to do.  I can design and make jewelry, I can design and make clothing... not as adept when it comes to doing my hair.  ..... but you know what?  I can pick my hair into a nice Afro!  Definitely going to take this picture with me to my stylist, maybe she can teach me some tricks.  We'll see. 

Of course, I sent this cell phone pic out to all my Sistahs.  Thanks Pam, Laketa, Ebony and Kris!  You are wonderful!

.... I'm so lucky to have friends that will text me back (at 12:45 am Monday morning!) to talk hair.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.  ~e.e. cummings, 1955


  1. I LOVE this post- reminds me of I am not my hair (Idia Arie)...and maybe I AM MY HAIR_ in the sense that I can express myself in any way that feels great!! I love how your Sunday is filled with the "feel goods" too!! NFL and fashion- a perfect mix:)

  2. Love India Arie!

    A lot of filling my Sunday with the "feels goods" I learned from Joy Junket and Metamorphosis Coaching with Sarah Seidelmann.

  3. I love your sunday!!! Hopefully I can have such a nice ease filled one eventually.

  4. Make it happen Caribbelle! Sometimes I have to force myself away from the computer and turn my cell phone off, but it's worth it, in the end.