Saturday, October 30, 2010

Up close with the Jump Start Winning Design!

I have wanted to get a close look at the
Jump Start winning design forever! .... well it's been a couple of weeks, but it feels like forever.  Luckily, the winning designer Sulki Amy Kwon agreed to give me a designer's eye view.  
Thank you Amy!
The original inspiration (the board at 30th St. Station) and original sketch.
Winning Design

Double faced knit, hand tacked gold braid twist.

The clock is genius and created with a covered shoebox and broken CDs!

Very chic exposed zipper.

The cold shoulder

Designer Sulki Amy Kwon was just back from her Senior Crit with Frank Agostino and she was super excited.  When asked about her own personal style and what she wants to design, she said, "Well, I made this!", and flung her arms open wide so I could see her very chic bat winged shirt.... 
so, I'm thinking a mixture of Norma Kamali, Donna Karan, and Missoni. She has a wonderful future! 

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  1. Funny how inspiration hits one...when I used to look @ Amtrak's board, it would just stress me out, reminders of the delayed trains and so forth.
    Trying to get to FIT on time for that first class was no easy task, now that I look back. The price of fashion cost me more than just a glance at the board...good for you Amy and your design sense of inspiration!