Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jump Start Fashion Show

You know that I will go anywhere within my power to see a fashion show.  Imagine my surprise when I was asked to be a judge at Moore College of Art's Jump Start Fashion Show!  Of course I was completely honored, just thrilled to be asked, would walk across hot coals to be a part of it.... but I am going to be completely honest with you.... my first thought was, I'll probably get a really great seat! I won't miss a stitch, a bead, a sequin! LOL  One day I'll tell you about being at a fashion show and picking up my chair and moving closer every time the lights dimmed so I could be closer... I know, pitiful.  Anyway... on to the show.  

There were three judges, including yours truly. Theresa Rose from the Public Art Program of Philadelphia and  Lorie Mertes (who was wearing a great embroidered jacket... didn't get a chance to ask who designed it) Rochelle F. Levy Director and Chief Curator, Moore College of Art and Design, I was in really great company!
There were 46 looks and I really wish I was able to give recognition to each one, because the amount of work that went into the design and construction of each piece was staggering. The theme was Urban Camouflage so we were judging each piece on the concept, and the ability for the garment to disappear in front of its inspiration. 

These are my notes on some of my faves:

Amanda Frain - "Brick Wall", East Falls 
- Perfectly, constructed. Impressive hand painting. 

Sulki Amy Kwon - "Train Schedule", 30th Street Station. 
- Styled to perfection (she brought luggage on the runway) Perfect! Matches the picture! 
Instantly recognizable. (Ultimately the Winner)

Patricia NcNamara - 20th and Green 
So well made, Surprising movement.

Rebecca Heaps - Boat House Row
Fosse does Philadelphia, Modern Liza Minelli.  

Stephanie Berry (on the left) 
Wall of Parking Garage 9th and JFK (right)
Editorial, perfectly styled and constructed, hand painted to perfection

Miranda Brackett - "Lampost" City Hall 
Construction! Courageous design!

Katie Finn - "Whole Foods", South Street
Immediately recognizable, amazing texture on the skirt

Marah Carpenter - "Garage Door", 1st Street
Wish this was a whole collection, meets the requirements, ready to wear

Katie Satterfield - "Franklin Institute", The Parkway
Hand painted print created great movement

Alea Blue (right)
"The Barcley", 18th and Locust (left)
Instantly recognizable, runway ready,

Sabrina Pereira - "Laurel Hill Cemetery", Kelly Drive
Editorial, impressive art work

Deborah Artaza - "Social Overlap", 30th St. Station
Impactful! A showstopper!


  1. What a fun project! And these outfits look pretty darn professional-- I'm impressed....

  2. Was at the show. Loved it!

  3. Thanks for your kind words...

  4. Just btw
    Once again thanks for your kind review