Friday, October 15, 2010

I Shop, Therefore I Am.

JohnWind's public art installation on the upper tier of the rotunda at the Shops at Liberty Place (on view through December 1st) is aptly called 
'I shop therefore I am'. 

This exhibit is a beautiful and impactful collection of collages. It's a mix of brands that we all know and love, juxtaposed with images that sometimes keep with the flavor of the shopping tote... and then other pieces have images that are fundamentally opposite.  

It's art that makes you look at your own shopping history in a way that I think most of us haven't ... without a therapist in the room.  I am bowled over at how much each piece made me think about why... I buy.
My Favorite!
 Everyone has had the thrill of getting home and diving into a big designer bag (I even know what that sounds like... don't you?) and pulling out the tissue and feeling the satisfaction of 'the shop'.... like the thrill of 'the hunt' (if I believed in hunting, but you know what I mean). 

Even after leaving I was consumed with thoughts about my own shopping experiences... the bag brushing against your leg as you walk with that happy 'I just bought the best shoes ever' gait, all the satisfaction, ... the guilt from spending way to much, and even the circumstances surrounding each shopping excursion... weddings, weight gain ...weight loss, .....a date with destiny. 
I'm not sure if it was John Wind's intention, to provoke the onlooker to regard their own consumer history. What do they say? Art that makes you think is good art. 

And at the time I couldn't remember the exact wording of this Pablo Picasso quote, but thank God for Google.... - Art is the lie, that tells the truth.  That's what I was trying to say to myself as I moved from piece to piece.

John Wind has created beautiful fiction that tells a deep truth. Whatever your consumer truth is, you will find it in one of his collages.

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