Friday, October 29, 2010

Frank Agostino: Architecture of Style

I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to make it to the private reception of the Frank Agostino Exhibit at Moore Galleries, but... oh well, some days work comes first. I spent a good part of my afternoon sending out jewelry samples, catalogs and artwork (the postal employees at 30th Street Station know me by name) and so always trying to look on the bright side, I figured it will be nice to browse the exhibit during the public reception, where maybe there would be less people, and it would be a little more casual.... And after shlepping my packages to the post office, at least I wouldn't have to go home and get shuzzed.  It will be a nice laid back evening, the exhibit and then out for some Chinese Take Out (Ting Wong's) with my Honey.  Well! When we arrived there was a party goin' on! The man of the hour was still being thanked by Curator Lori Mertes and the champagne was still flowing.... well, we'll just sneak around the side and check out the exhibit, and who do I run into Jimmy Contreras of Jimmy's Street Style fame!  And who does he introduce me to?  Kristin Haskins Simms!

Well, I don't care what I look like now, I'm surrounded by the gorgeous designs of Frank Agostino and hanging out with 'The Beautiful People'. Of course I took lots of pictures!  Enjoy!
Pant Suit, Fall 2007 - Taffeta Opera Coat, 1986 Black Taffeta. On loan from Julia Harmelin

Evening Gown, Fall 2008 Black tulle over satin back crepe
Evening gown and Stole, Spring 2009 Navy stretch silk dutchess satin trimmed in black horsehair
Top, 2007; Shorts, 1980 Silver nailheads on gray stretched tulle
Cocktail Dress, Fall 2009 Gray silk satin with pleated bodice and hand tucked balloon hem. On loan from Suzie Urban
Cocktail dress, 1966 Pale blue double faced silk, hand beaded pearl and geometric rhinestone yoke. Made exclusively for Grace Ann Agostino
Coat and Dress, Fall 2008 Ivory double faced cashmere. Made exclusively for Lynn White
Wrap Coat, Fall 2002 Mint Green wool flannel
Three piece suit, Fall 1983
Evening Dress, 1984
Evening Gown 1986

Frank Agostino - Fall 2008 Ivory Double face wool sheared mink sleeves with inserts of curly lamb at cuffs


  1. Frank Agostino has quite a few remarkably stunning pieces in his collection.