Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday, Kisha Malika

One morning last week, I opened up my facebook page, and .... Mercy! One of my friends has changed her profile pic! And lawdy, lawdy, it is uber chic.  To be fair, she always looks incredible, but this pic just put all our generic happy smiling face profile pics to shame. Of course, I sent a 'Please, please, please' email, begging her to let me share on The Style Shepherd.  Thank you Kiki! 

This is what Kisha told me about how this incredible picture came about: 

The profile picture on FB is created and designed by my stylist, Andy Drew2. I LOVE THIS MAN! I go to his salon to have my hair done and he spends time putting together an entire look for me. Together, we play with color, makeup and accessories with the intention of  having a good time. Andy invites me to be fully self expressed. Andy supports me by encouraging and rationalizing my fashion risks/adventures. My makeup was applied  very lightly which, was intentional. He draped my neck in beads as well only after determining what color top might look best. Next he topped everything off with the HAT- one of Andy's original designs. My makeup is from Sephora, one of my favorite stores. Where else can you go and have access to so many different brands in one space?  My eyeshadow is from the NARS line, the lipstick and lip gloss are Laura Mercier products.

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