Friday, October 1, 2010

Elizabeth Greenfield Zeidman Lecture

Yesterday, I was up at the break of dawn to make sure the work I needed to get done was completed before 2:00 pm .... because I wanted to go to the Elizabeth Greenfield Zeidman Lecture - A conversation with Moore's Annual Visionary Women Awardees.

 If you've read this blog before, you know that I'm very intrigued by 'beginnings'.  I love the anticipation, the excitement and chatter before whatever 'it' is begins. And so it was, with this lecture. The crowd was an interesting mix, mostly women (it is Moore after all) of all different ages. The younger set (students, I assume) marched in a parade of paint splattered hoodies, bohemian chic, and avant garde creations.  And then, a smaller congregation of well appointed women in everything from very Calvin Klein-esque sheaths to women who looked like they fell off a Marc Jacobs runway.... It was a lovely village.

*Side note when I watch groups of people moving together, I always wish I was a really great photographer. I want to capture this moment.... the gathering moment.

The lecture/conversation was really inspiring. It became one of lessons in life, more than lessons in art.  One of the points fervently discussed and agreed upon by all the awardees, was how much (even in a 'post feminists society' - wink) of their success came from having a very supportive husband. AND that the choice of husband/partner is very important in one's proffessional success. Hmmm.. timely. I have struggled with wanting/needing to be independent and more Rosie the riveter than 'kept' woman. What I've learned in my short 39 years, is that we are all 'kept' and we are all riveters in one way or another. Honestly, I still struggle with it, I understand it intellectually, .... but putting it into practice, there's the challenge.

Ann Temkin also pointed out, that you don't HAVE to get married.  (smile).  A very poignant moment for me to hear a successful married woman say that. Every single time someone asks me, "When are you getting married?"...  I wonder what they really want to know.  What is that question about? Concern for me or... something... je ne sais pas. Well, before this becomes a therapy session, I think that for some women (me) accepting support, is not an easy thing.  In the last year, I've been almost forced into that position, and my life personally and proffesionally has grown by leaps and bounds.  I highly reccomend it.

                                                                                                        Michael Falco for the NY Times

On to other points that resonated  -
  "If its not scary to you then you're not doing something interesting enough."
~ Ann Temkin

  "Trust your vision. That's very hard to do. Trust it even when people don't understand."
~ Wendy Ewald

"Just have your goal and do it! Believe in it and hope for success."
~ Judith Leiber

Literacy Through Photography

 So... if the opportunity arises for you to attend a lecture/event at Moore, grab it! 

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