Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rosina Rucci

I went to a wonderful lecture today at the Art Institute of Philadelphia hosted by Emil Dejohn. The lecturer was Rosina Rucci, PR and sister of, Ralph Rucci.

The lecture began with a video of the Chado Ralph Rucci Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.

*Note* - The very first look is a portion of a Francis Bacon painting and the back is Ralph Rucci handwriting (his thoughts on the painting). Images from NYMag.com

Beautiful! The video received rousing applause. After introducing herself, Rosina Rucci began by telling us that the glamour of what people think is the fashion industry last 20 minutes at a time ... on the runway in the Spring and the Fall. The rest of the year is about work. And no one works harder than Ralph Rucci.  He chooses everything from the fabric to the embroidery design, and takes interest in even the most minute details.  Ralph Rucci has no 'design team' he IS the designer.  Just as when he was 15 years old studying art books and back issues of Vogue Magazine, and sketching for hours upon hours, it is still the same today.  He may choose one out of every twenty sketches to present to his four pattern makers, and with his constant input and a constant dialogue the sketch becomes three dimensional and ready to be passed on to the cutters/sewers/embroiders.

Rosina was also proud to say that everything is made by hand at Broadway and Spring Street in NYC..... nothing is made abroad.  They are also self funded, Ralph Rucci is not interested in giving up design control to a 'board of directors'.

And on her job: (paraphrased)
In the beginning my job was as assistant to the accountant (in a small house you must wear many hats) and now my job is to get editors to put his designs in fashion magazines. I also have to meet with writers and publishers interested in writing books (Please see the Art of Weightlessness).  I do NOT try to find ladies/stylist interested in a red carpet looks.  Ralph feels that that would be disrespectful to his client base who appreciates his work and spend their money on his designs.  He doesn't want to lend his designs to someone who just wants to wear it for the night. His clothes are meant to be worn forever.  I believe in my little brother's dream and he is insistent on living his dream.  He wants to raise people's consciousness a bit.... to think beyond H&M and The Gap.  It's very important to him to demonstrate how to speak from your own heart. 

At the end of the lecture she impressed upon the audience these seven ideas:
  1. An artisan's work is still very important! I don't know why but at some point in this country it became embarrassing to work with your hands.
  2. Really understand what it means to be successful. Whatever that is for you, whatever you seek to manifest will take time patience and diligence. 
  3. You must have the gritty ability to get through the moments of self doubt
  4. Do YOUR stuff.  And do it better than anyone else
  5. Treat everyone with professionalism ... no matter what. 
  6. Show up and be there a million percent. 
  7. Learn to play ball with the regime.  
Very, very inspiring lecture! 


  1. excellent! So sad that I had to miss the event. Sold a painting though!

  2. Thanks for uploading this, very interesting.