Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Electric Florals for Spring 2011

.... Ahhh I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, with a cup of tea and my mountain of reading to catch up on......  local news, CNN Style and Design,, Bryanboy, .... my calendar! This morning I didn't get to any of those things (No worries, I'll get to it, probably while I watch ANTM tonight). I got so caught up in the Breaking Trends section of Accessories Magazine's News Flash

"London might be known for its showers, but boy did their designers bring on the runway flowers! London designers across the board showed us that floral prints are still a strong motif for Spring '11. Check out a few of these Asian-inspired floral prints from Christopher Kane's collection, and the sweet embroidery from Erdem." - Accessories News Flash

Christopher Kane 
- mixed the electric colors in a Koi pond
with lace and lace print, arglye and polka dots! 

- Very modern garden party. 


  1. ah london fashion! as a english girl i love and am very proud of the designers and fashion on our streets.
    love erdem, would wear it straight off the catwalk, can see how it will be diluted for the high street. Not too keen on Kane and I am normally a fan of his work, but will look forward to seeing the high street interpretation!

    am following:)

    love kerry

  2. Kerry! I love your blog and London Fashion!