Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Normally, as most of you know, I watch a  video on first thing in the morning, but before that I check out my twitter accounts with Hoot Suite.  One of Jeffrey Hayzlett's tweets caught my attention. 

@JeffreyHayzlett: Wow, you've got to see this new interactive interview! It Rocks!

The words Interactive Interview is what caught my attention. I'm always looking for new ways to get my clients faces in the public.... Let me rephrase that, I'm always looking for ways to have my clients personalities be available. So when I saw that J. Hayzlett was waving a flag called interactive interview, I clicked on it.  (Cool person to follow too, he tweets back. We Twitizens know how important that is)

Guess what?  I'm interested in his book 'The Mirror Test'.  I don't know if I'll buy it, but ... I know it exists, and I'm interested. Inspired me to blog.  Interactive interview works.

And now I'm going to watch a video and wait for the rest of the world to wake up and start responding to my emails. 

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