Friday, July 30, 2010

The Style and Beauty Doctor!

One of my favorite style sites is 

The Doctor's real name is Danielle and is a 28 year old banker, image consultant, makeup artist, and President of Urban Glamour, LLC. ..... talk about busy! She still finds time to host a very popular feature on her site, where anyone can ask a style or beauty question. 
'Ask Danielle!'

This morning as I sipped my banana strawberry smoothie and caught up on Danielle's articles, my cousin's beautiful face pops up! I start snappin' in a circle like Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merryweather! Ebony McMichael is Gorgeous! She is The Style and Beauty Doctor's example of beautiful Summer Work Makeup!  Fabulous!!!!!

She says “Thanks again for the makeup ideas. I’m not up on the ‘fancy’ products yet (single mom… Chile please) but I went with the Almay concealer, Iman cream to powder foundation, drug store liquid liner, Bare Minerals mascara, Victoria Jackson blush, and Palladio eye shadows, and MAC Fix spray“.


  1. Sounds like Fab chicks all around!! :-)

  2. OMG my face landed me on my two favorite blog sites... thanks cousin! you're the bestest!!!!

  3. Those earrings are so fun! :) I love a bit of leopard now and again.