Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July, 2010

Ahhhh BBQ at my Uncle Frank's! 

Normally, when I hear barbecue, I think..... Oh no, what am I going to eat? I hope there's enough sides to fill up my plate. How many times will I have to say, no thank you, I'm a vegetarian?

I feel terrible when the host has gone through hell and high water to create the perfect menu, and then here I am .... with a scoop of  potato salad and carrot sticks on my plate.  Well! I need not have worried because Uncle Frank was ready for everyone. Along with enough meat to feed a herd of lions, he also served two kinds of seafood salads, macaroni salad, two kinds of potato salad, yams, greens and more veggies than I could have imagined .... delicious!

This is me, doing my imitation of Wendy Williams', 'Hah you doin?'

The best moment of the afternoon was when I asked Aunt Bern when she was going to get a facebook account.  She framed her face with perfectly manicured nails and says, "Here's my face, ... let me know when you need to see it." 

We had a wonderful time!  Nothing like old school jams, good food, family and friends. 



  1. sorry i had to skip out but i was soooo tired from work and the heat>>> but i paid for it later because i was hungry as hell... and i got to miss out on ya "ha you doin" glad you had fun!

  2. We really missed you! LOL I'm sure you tried to listen to Geetchy and I's voicemail.