Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I go out to dinner with fingers crossed, hoping that the restaurant will have at least one vegetarian option.  You can imagine my excitement when I read (on facebook) that Meritage is having a four course vegan tasting! 
Sign me up!  
 So fortunate, to be able to bring along my favorite foodie. She's the type that wonders how the sauce was made, ..... touches her forehead in deep thought, and says aloud, "What am I tasting here? There's  a little bit of ... mushroom?  Hmmm."  It's really a lot of fun to eat with a person like that. It takes dinner to a whole other level.  Higher than my exclamation of Deeee - lish!!
And it really was Deeee -lish!  My favorite dish is definitely the grilled eggplant and potato ..... with the rhubarb soup in a very close second, .... All together now,  Deee - lish! 

*** Side Note - Since it was going to be a nice low key dinner, I decided to wear a light paisley and floral tunic, a vintage cuff (originally owned by a great-aunt, I think.), layer on a few John Wind chunky bracelets and large link earrings, a cameo necklace from 
Designs in Blue Light, jeans, flats, chocolate hobo bag and tortoiseshell sunglasses.  Just in case you were wondering, how I do it for a vegan dinner.  LOL Bohemian chic!***
 Rhonda Ryan PR-MaximalArt