Monday, June 7, 2010

Drexel Fashion!

I will go to the ends of the earth to see a model stomp onto a runway, but I never thought I would bounce into the Philadelphia Naval Yard in an Old City Taxi, marveling at a set of mighty US Navy ships standing guard to my right and stately officers quarters to my left.  The Taxi went by way to quickly, my BFF and I were pointing and craning our necks like kids on a Disney ride.  This was my first trip to the Naval Yard, ... it's certainly not my last.  We pull up to the Urban Outfitters Corporate offices, throw money at the driver (so rude), check our watches,.... we have time to look around! We walk from one end of the parking lot, pulling each other by the arm.... "Look at this! Oh my God the color on these bricks! Are those tracks!  An anchor that's taller than me!".  We take our snapshots and boogie back into a communal space where the Drexel University Student fashion show will take place.  
As we walk in, following train tracks embedded into the floor (right into the floor!), to our right is a hanging garden, and to the left a bright floral floor to ceiling mural, ........ a cluster of chains that looked as if it had been dropped from the sky, and because it looked so cool, they just left it there..... my eyes bugged out, for a 9 foot tall vase in a crocheted cozy.  Super cool. 

On to the show!  I want to use my favorite word .... Fabulous! ... but as much as it was fabulous, more importantly, it was really interesting.  I was so impressed with the range of different looks.  Usually, a student show, is very closely knit, the students are around the same age, influenced by the same music/art riding the same wave of creativity.  

This show had diversity, see through candy colored vinyl, chiffon trains, rubber molded into gun shaped handbags, black and white tweeds mixed with houndstooth, a sparkly children's collection that was beyond cute!

Great Venue, and great designs.... what more could you ask for! 

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