Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

 The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden 
being escorted by her Father, King Carl Gustaf. 
... and she married a Commoner, well then it must be real love.
(that sounded sarcastic, but really it's not) We are suckers for that kind of story though.  Cinderella has her day, and all that. Cinder-fella in this case. Ahhh love! But.....  
 .... you know what I zoomed in on? The tiara! 
I am an accessories fiend after all.... 
I dove into Google to find some information and images. 
Their seems to be lots of rumors and stories about the crown
but it looks like it is commonly known as ....
The Empress Josephine's Cameo Tiara.

Princess Desiree of Sweden wore it on her wedding day in 1964
Crown Princess Margaret 


Queen Silvia 
at the Annual Nobel Prize Dinner

This tiara is one of those accessories that would really distract me? Anyone have this issue?  When I see a ring, a necklace, a hat, a scarf that is fab, I become transfixed.  Sparkly things have been the cause of more than one embarrassing moment for me. (Laughing hysterically... you had to be there) 

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