Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lovely Day...

Hanging out with your best friend is the best when you're a kid, but it's even better when you're an adult.  Who has time to just .... hang out?  I have to make time! This weekend I pushed away from my computer and turned my phone on silent, (harder than you can imagine) and went to browse the Art Star Bazaar at Penn's Landing with my friend ... and guess who I met?! Jay McCarroll!  I should have pulled my Hollywood sunglasses down to my face, but I was so busy, directing the camera person (My BFF) to realize how much I would have loved having my glasses on too.  LOL

 .... a quick lunch at La Scala, and just peeked into Philly Cupcake we're watching our figures, but vowed to be in such good shape this summer that we'll be able to become regular customers.  Who am I kidding?  One or both of us will be stopping in there this week.  LOL How fabulous is it to have a glamazon mannequin in a cupcake printed frock in the front window? 
 ........and then off to do a little shopping at Anthropologie.  I love the ceiling on the first floor, and all the home accessories in the basement make me drool. 

... as long as we were at Anthropologie, we had to stop by Rittenhouse Square and watch the musicians and performance artist, ... Lovely day!
Take a day off ....to just hang out.

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