Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Culture Club

Sitting on the beach at the Iberostar Hotel in Jamaica with a stack of glossies, my big sunglasses and a drink called Fantasy.... don't ask me what was in it, all I know is there's a lot of rum. Mmmmmm. 
Before I dive into my fashion mags, I open my Crate and Barrel (I'm looking for a coffee table and a tiny hall table for keys, the ipod chargers, and a vase of flowers).

 I didn't find what I was looking for, but I am interested in a set of Tetra Square Glass Dinnerware, and some slim step trash cans.  Fab! Slim trash cans are gold to us city dwellers.  

I guess you're wondering what all this has to do with Culture Club?  After thumbing Crate and Barrel... and being brought another Fantasy, by the diligent Iberostar Staff before I finished my first drink, I crack open my May Issue of Vogue.  An article entitled Culture Club (page 144), all about pearls stops my browsing and I settle in for a read.  You know how much I love pearls
... And Wow! Tasaki by Thakoon was making me swoon.  I began to fan myself with the magazine and my honey asks me if its to hot for me. "No!", I say, "It's these beautiful pearls!". He suggest that I may be light headed from the alcohol. Isn't he precious, bless'em. Who doesn't swoon over pearls?  

Anyway, these ain't ya Mama's pearls.  My favorite is an edgy ID Bracelet that mixes masculine gold links with a metal girl safety pin, and as if by magic three pretty pink pearls float in the middle.  Thank you Vogue, you always serve up something delicious and interesting.

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