Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthday Cake and Sex and the City!

 6" Platforms and we are out the door!
It's 2 AM, I'm watching the Original Sex and The City Movie and I'm having a slice of Birthday Cake (Actual Birthday is tomorrow LOL)!  I'll be back on the wagon Tuesday morning for all you Calorie Counters.  Well... I was not blown away by SATC 2. ....... (Let's have a moment of silence and let that sink in)........... At the end of the movie, my friend/cousin and I gave the twisted lip look, that says, WHAT - evah! And my other friend was already on her cell, checking on the kids.  Can you believe it?!  To be fair, there were moments, I mean... Liza Minelli brought the house down with her rendition of Single Ladies.  You know what I loved about the series? The 5th women was always NYC! When they went away to Abu Dhabi, .... they lost New York, and some of the heart. I'll buy the soundtrack though, and wouldn't turn down a trip to one of the emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. 

Where it didn't disappoint?  I was sitting in between two of my best girlfriends, one who is an avid SATC fan and the other who watched it if nothing else was on, but .... was there for me, and brought a birthday cake! Which is delicious! (taking another forkful) What I mean is, it brings us together.  Even my friend who didn't go, (because she can't keep up with the story in English, Cantonese is her Mother tongue) was there in spirit, because the fact that she wasn't there was the topic of conversation.  When the women of SATC get together, so do millions and millions of other women.  That's worth the price of the ticket.

As disappointed as I was in the movie, I'm sooo glad we went to see it, because I may never have received this tweet. (wiping away a tear)
Miss_E_Bunny Had a blast with my cousin @IBelieveInStyle... My carrie bradshaw!

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  1. omg you are such an inspiration and a talented writer, designer, cousin and friend! you inspire me and make it okay to be over the top fabulous... i didn't get fireworks from the movie but i had a blast just hanging out with you! muaaaah!! happy birthday