Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby I'm a star!

 This star shape is all over the hotel, I wondered if it was a real flower 'The Iberostar'.  I never asked, and when I googled it, in the very air conditioned, wicker chaired with big comfy pillows internet cafe... (LOL was that to descriptive?) I didn't find anything, but the hotel.  It WAS a really comfortable room.
Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home and look through Etsy for some star shaped jewelry.  These are my favorites:

An orange flower shaped brooch from Modern Mona

Handmade Cast solid silver necklace from Ph. Beads Jewelry.
Jewelry made by a Marine Biologist!!

 HVintage Star Shaped Origami Earrings from Halo Avenue

Soft Sided Coral Bangle from Austin Rock

A Starry Necklace from A Little Bead


  1. "I promise I will find a spot for you soon. I just can't put you anywhere. You must understand that..." ha ha my poor little peony has been sitting on our stairs for a while now. I just can't decide where I should put it... Plus a know very little about gardening and flowers.. I make it up as I go.. So if you know what peonies like please leave a comment and let me know...

  2. Valerie I love your eclectic Barbie Girl style! I knew you would like that bangle.

    Gemstone Jewelry, I really don't know anything about gardening or flowers, but I love