Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to Buy?

I'm great at buying for my friends and family...
I know what they like, I love to shop,
.... Christmas is done by November 1st,
... I'm that type.

What do you give to say, thanks? .... to say, "Hey, you're a Rock Star"?
Flowers? Nahhh it's been done.  How about a gift basket? 
No?  How about a really cool Gift Basket? 
My friend Sadi has an amazing web site with a gift basket for EVERY occasion. 
Check it out next time you need to send something special!   

We have done everything from SpongeBob baskets
to a "Stop the Nausea" Pregnancy basket!!!!! 
We do it all!!!  ~ Sadi


  1. just checked out the site! i love it!! sooo soo cute and creative. im going to tell everyone i know so maybe ill get one hahaha you never know!

  2. Yeah me too! I'm going to use Baskets by Sadi for everything.