Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Style Icon?

A certain fashion reality show, introduced a celebrity judge as a style icon last week, and when she appeared on the side of the 'runway', I was surprised.  Really?!  Her?!  Of course I recognized her name, and she's a
regular in Lucky Mag and Us Weekly, but.... style icon?  I don't think so.  I'm sure Jessica Alba is a great girl... oops!  I mean the judge that shall remain nameless is a great girl, but when did she become a style icon?  Maybe its a sign of the times, .... I mean, even I have more than one BFF.  and every other thing is 'truly fabulous' from coffee cake to floral headbands.  We all throw around a few phrases carelessly, but .... when you call someone a Style Icon, ......  please, lets be clear, I like Jessica Alba. I saw Honey, and the Fantastic Four...  she was really entertaining in Dark Angel, but is she a style icon?  This whole thing, has me thinking. What makes a style icon?
Who could have walked out on that runway, and inspired a texting frenzy? Actually, I did send a tweet, "When did Jessica Alba become a style icon?" *Crickets* Dead silence.  I waited for one of my young fashionistas to school me... and ... nothing.  Here... 'And tonight's guest judge is red carpet regular, the beautiful Jessica Alba!'  See... that works. .... And the challenge was a Red Carpet Dress!

To be an icon, you almost have to have a recognizable silhouette, ... ala film icon Alfred Hitchcock, Pop icon Michael Jackson, .... Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Karl Lagerfeld, The James Bond character, Charlie's Angels!!!.....

So.... when I think of real style ... for me, who do I look to.  Everyone!  LOL I'm going to keep it to ten... twelve people. And in no particular order, I'll be here all night.

1) Diahann Carroll
2. Diana Ross (on stage)  
 3) Miles Davis

4) Rupaul

5) Sarah Jessica Parker

6) Lauryn Hill

7) Carolina Herrera

8) Iman

9)Tilda Swinton

10) Anna Wintour

11) Rihanna

12) Tom Ford

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